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Ted ID
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Blk 2021 Bukit Batok Street 23
#02-184, Singapore 659526
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In today’s world, it seems that many homeowners are developing a creative side. And what better way to express this than with your own home. At Ted ID, we work on turning your ideas into beautiful features so your home remains exactly that, yours.

No Surprise Costs
Surprises are meant for parties, not interior design quotations. That’s why what we quote you is exactly what we will be providing. So you don’t have to worry about additional costs popping up just because something like, certain type of tiles weren’t included in the initial quote.

What You See is What You Get
One thing we take pride in is the accuracy of our proposed designs. So far, Ted ID has managed to deliver up to an 85% match between what homeowners see on paper and what they get in real life. So if you like our drawings, you’re going to love your new home!

Helping You Beyond The Blueprints
While a designer and a contractor are very different people, we do talk the same language. Whether it is adjusting a false ceiling or tweaking that dining room setting, we can help communicate your wishes to the relevant parties. This helps to keep things smooth and simple on your side. After all, you have plenty of other matters to think of.

Like how we think? Then please drop by for a chat. Let us help enhance your home so you can fall in love with it all over again.

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