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Your Ultimate Guide to A Kitchen Revamp
27 Mar, 2018

Thinking of remodelling your kitchen? We’ve gathered a few guidelines to follow for a successful kitchen remodel. Our tips and hacks will help you design a kitchen that will be practical and aesthetically pleasing for years.


1. Budget Deals

Source: The Interior Place

There are countless ways to remodel your kitchen in an affordable manner. Choose refacing cabinets instead of completely removing them. You can also buy your appliances from a whole supplier. If you are on a budget, just replace drawer pulls and fixtures is good enough to change the vibe.


2. Storage

Source: The Interior Place

Don’t forget about your storage. Storage in the kitchen is usually over stuffed. You can refrain from over stuffing your kitchen if you remember to invest more in storage for your new kitchen.


3. Put a Light on it

Source: The Interior Place

Do make sure your kitchen has enough lighting. While making your favourite dish, if you have poor lighting it’s going to be a difficult thing to read ingredients from your cook book. Kitchen lighting makes a significant change in your daily chores.


4. Kitchen Layout

Source: Urban Design House

Having a planned layout for kitchens is vital because while opening your fridge – if it doesn’t open fully because it’s been blocked by your countertop. To make sure your new kitchen functions the way it’s supposed to, hire a contractor/designer who will assist you in drawing up an operating layout.


5. Design it Your Way

Source: Urban Design House
Do take into account the way you’ll use the kitchen space. Make sure you don’t always restrain yourself to the same granite countertops and huge island – the same old kitchen layout. It’s important to design your kitchen, the way your family can use it effectively.

Use our guidelines to start discussing about your future dream kitchen. Hope these tips were useful. For more kitchen renovation ideas, browse more project photos by professional interior designers in Singapore. Submit your requirements and request for free quotes now.

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