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Your Party-Ready Bathroom!
19 Jan, 2015

Sounds funny? Well not really. If you’re going to be expecting a lot of guests over, your bathroom better be ready to boogie! Make your bathroom just as festive as the rest of your house to really make a statement. You don’t have to go very far – often just a few simple touches really make the difference between luxurious and plain lacklustre.


Scrub your Tub

Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning it’ll never forget! After all the scrubbing, rinsing and disinfecting is done, put all your personal toiletry items away in your bathroom cabinet. These include shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwash and contact lens supplies.

On a side note, remember to remove any potentially embarrassing items from your medicine cabinet too, in case nosy guests take an uninvited tour of your bathroom’s contents.


The accessories

Clean hand towels that look fresh and fluffy are a must. Place them near the sink for easy access and so your guests don’t splatter water all over the sink. Consider even acquiring a stylish hand-towel stand you can put on your bathroom countertop.

Scented soap, hand wipes and fragrant hand lotion give an instant posh, hotel-esque air to your bathroom. You can even find decorative soap dishes, lotion dispensers and tissue boxes.


Bathtub Glam

Make your humble bathroom reminiscent of an exclusive spa, by first making sure your tub is sparkling clean, and then removing the shower curtains. After that, fill half your tub with water, and then drop in floating aromatherapy candles and romantic rose petals. Votive, scented and pillar candles should be displayed in abundance on the ledge of your bathtub, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference this easy move makes!


Musical accompaniment

Hide a small cassette player or CD player in an inconspicuous spot, and play soft music to create a calming atmosphere.


Corner surprises

Tuck little fresh or silk flower arrangements into nooks and crannies of your bathroom to add immediate festivity!

To keep your bathroom smelling fresh the whole night, remember to check in on it regularly to relight candles, wipe up spills, give it a squirt of air freshener, or just to refill the loo roll! Your guests will surely be impressed.


Deck the loo with boughs of holly

To make your festive decorations a little more season-sensitive, here are some decorations tailored especially to spread a little Yuletide cheer.


Raise that ceiling

Ceilings can be raised, albeit only visually, by painting lattice or moulding designs around the corners of the ceiling. You could install crown moulding on the ceiling in a matching colour. Remember to keep all colours light and airy.

1. Buy specially-made Christmas-themed hand towels to layer over your large towels ( you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new set!)
2. Your soap dish could be Christmas themed. If you don’t have one, just use a small serving dish which has Christmas motifs
3. Decorate the top of your W.C. tank with a Christmas themed ornament. For instance, a pot of poinsettia would be festive, or even a figurine of Santa, or a reindeer potpourri holder.
4. Hang a wreath on your bathroom door or even out side your bathroom window
5. Your scent should change with the season – choose rich aromas of cinnamon, pine or bayberry
6. Spray aerosol ‘fake snow’ around your mirror
7. Replace your everyday bath rug with a Christmas-themed one
8. Try to incorporate Christmas motifs in your décor. One idea would be to twist a garland of holly around your shower curtain rail, or affix a sprig of holly to your lotion dispenser.
9. Change the color scheme of your bath rags, towels and shower curtains to red, green and gold to reflect the festive atmosphere
10. Fill a glass bowl with potpourri that has a Christmassy touch. This mixture is a harmonious blend of pine cones, cloves, cinnamon and citrus fruits.


More tips for happy guests

During the festive season, our homes are usually filled with visiting guests, relatives and friends. Here are some slight modifications you can make to your bathroom so that guests will feel right at home:

1. Install a night light for guests who are unfamiliar with your bathroom’s light switches
2. Provide a bottle of mouthwash and some disposable cups
3. Equip your shower with extra bathing supplies
4. Dedicate a towel rack for guests to hang their towels
5. Have extra toilet rolls ready and in a conspicuous place
6. Set out a can of air freshener, matches or scented candles

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