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What to do before you leave home for vacation
16 Nov, 2018

Before you leave home for holidays, here is a to-do list. These tips will help you organise and be at ease when you travel, knowing your home is going to stay neat and tidy.


1 Week before vacation:

  • Make sure no shopping  deliveries during your absence
  • Get all laundry done so you can just focus on cleaning your dirty clothes when back
  • Prepare and put aside travel toiletries and medication
  • Put your newspaper delivery on hold or get someone to collect from your home
  • Arrangements for your pet dogs/cats

2 Day before vacation:

  • Clear away or eat up perishable food
  • Check the weather again as it can be unpredictable and you can pack in last minute items eg. raincoat
  • Check for stagnant water prone areas or items. Make sure no water is left in pails, dish rack, sink area etc.
  • Call the bank to inform them that you will be travelling and may be using your card overseas

3 Hours before vacation:

  • Throw out your last bag of rubbish
  • Make sure no food is left lying around
  • Close all curtains to keep out prying eyes
  • Unplugged or switch off all unused appliances
  • Wash all the dishes in the sink
  • Water indoor plants
  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked
  • Turn off your water supply
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