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Weird and Wonderful Accessories
19 Apr, 2015

Ever thought of putting a mannequin in your living room? Or perhaps a big tin watering can in your kitchen? Or perchance you would fancy hanging a big tambourine on a blank piece of wall! If all these suggestions baffle you, then it’s time to introduce you to the wild, wonderful world of weird home accessories!


Unusual wall accessories

Don’t think that the only things you can hang up on your walls are pictures. In fact, your options and opportunities abound if you apply a little creativity to your pickings.


  • Suspend an attractive textile or rug from a curtain rod; try tapestries, quilts, and even antique table cloths, table runners and rugs.
  • If you have a piece of interesting clothing like an ethnic costume or a christening dress, frame it and hang it up!
  • You can even create a musical themed wall by hanging up musical instruments like a tambourine, violin, guitar and trumpet, as well as affixing sheet music to the walls to fill up blank space
  • Plate hangers allow you to put up dainty china, platters or shallow bowls
  • A framed mirror is one of the more powerful optical illusions you can use in your home; put it up where it reflects something pleasant, like a side table with a vase of flowers
  • Apply stenciled patterns or put up some decorative wall paper to spruce up an otherwise bland, nondescript wall
  • Your collection of fans, postcards and even album covers can make a truly personalized wall space
  • Hang up curio cabinets so that you can display your prized collections of seashells, antique dolls or other trinkets


Other curious pieces

Some statement pieces can really add character to your living space. For instance, instead of going for an ordinary flowerpot, try a large, freestanding flower urn and a large, colorful bouquet of wildflowers.


Some other whimsical ornaments we found:

  • Mannequin bodies, whether constructed out of wire mesh, fabric or metal, are great for displaying your jewelry and accessories. They add an uncanny touch of artistry and creativity to the room, and make excellent conversation pieces or statement pieces
  • Wooden signs over your doors stating “his” and “hers” for bathrooms, or “café” or “Tavern” over your kitchen door can contribute such a whimsical atmosphere to the entire place
  • Tin watering cans or those made of endearing painted metal can be used as rustic flower pots
  • Large, clear apothecary jars made of glass are ideal for storing cotton balls or bath salts in the bathroom
  • Vases don’t have to be standing up – wall mounted vases much such interesting wall embellishments
  • Instead of ordinary looking candles or tea lights, light up with a specialty oil lamp to create an ambience of natural beauty and are guaranteed to burn without smoke or odor. These specialty lamps are no ordinary old-fashioned kerosene lamps; they feature dried floral arrangements from rosebuds to potpourri suspended in ultra-pure paraffin oil. A whole host of other designs are available, such as bejeweled pieces adorned with Japanese and Czechoslovakian glass beads, and those which enclose naturally preserved herbs and grains like green oats, Mexican sage, and golden wheat.
  • Hanging ceiling pot racks are the perfect way for the gourmet enthusiast to flaunt their fanciest cookware. The wooden frame includes hooks for several pots and houses your pot collection in a compact, convenient and easy-access style.
  • Hanging stemware racks are elegant yet affordable ways to store your fine wine glasses without hiding them away in a dusty cabinet.
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