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Wallflower No More
19 Apr, 2015

Easy ways to make your walls really stand out

Decorating your walls is really much easier than most people think! People make the common mistake of looking at walls as void, empty spaces which need filling up – resulting in haphazardly placed objects in an attempt to occupy the vacant space.

Rich, gilded paintings and plush wall hangings and tapestries do not a magnificent wall make. Here are some ways to liven up those four walls for a song!

Avoid the ‘sprinkle effect’

Instead of hanging objects without rhyme or reason, draw an imaginary rectangle on the main wall in your room – the one that you wish to make the room’s focal point. Within that rectangle, fill in groupings of related art pieces, portraits, hanging ornaments (like plates) or clocks for a really strong impact.


Magnify your wall hangings

Larger scale hangings on the wall tend to make your room look bigger than it actually is. Don’t run out and break your bank by acquiring a costly oil painting – even a pretty rug or nostalgic quilt will do.


The Writing’s on the Wall

You’ve probably been writing on the wall since you were in nursery school and learnt how to use crayons, but wall writing is actually becoming more and more popular as a form of home décor. Whether it’s a favourite quote, poem or a word that inspires you, walls become your life’s storybook, a simple but meaningful messenger. Stencil nursery rhymes, inspirational citations or even use a large piece of plywood and paint on a motivational word like “faith”, “love” or “courage” and use this as a dramatic wall hanging.


Frame a special painting

Not with the usual frames, but one that’s painted onto your wall! Paint around a favourite or meaningful painting, making your painted ‘frame’ at least 4” to 6” larger than your actual painting. Tape the area off with painter’s tape ,then fill in with a complementary colour to your wall.


Family of Frames

A collection of frames will have a consistent and harmonised look if they are all painted the same colour. Their sizes and shapes may differ, but the identical colour scheme will pull the look together.


Look out of the ordinary

Unconventional items can be used as wall art too. Even old wooden boxes can be hung up as curio cabinets; frame up heirlooms; candleholders add a medieval touch; and even significant items of clothing can be framed and hung up.


Sneaky storage

Make the use of vertical space by using walls as storage areas! Curio cabinets, shelves are all great ways of maximising commonly underused storage areas around the home!

These easy ideas are great ways too start you on your journey of unlocking the decorative potential of your walls. Most of them need no special skills or tools and just a little bit of extra time.

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