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Utilising Storage Space of Bathrooms & Kitchens
23 Mar, 2015

No matter how large or small your bath or kitchen is, it will benefit from an efficient storage solution that maximises the space. Here are a few suggestions for a “smart storage space”:

  • Use ultra-organised drawers in your kitchen to store everything you need close at hand for your meal preparation, such as spices and utensils.
  • Put pull-out vertical shelving units in the narrow space between the cabinets and the refrigerator. You can hang utensils and cookware from the top half and store grocery items or small appliances in the bottom half.
  • Store older food items in front of newer ones so you will use them first. Group similar food together (e.g. condiments, canned vegetables). Use small bins or baskets to store drink mixes and gravy and sauce packets.
  • Transfer cereal, flour, sugar and other dry staples to clear, airtight containers to help track quantity and preserve freshness. Place boxes with the side out and round items with the labels facing forward.
  • Use drawer dividers to keep utensils organized. Line up flat cookware and pot lids in a vertical rack. Use stackable containers.
  • Create space in a deep cabinet by using stepped shelving. Use cup hooks and racks for hanging storage. Make us of dead space by using pull out racks and stacking bins.
  • Wire racks over the back of your bathroom door will keep grooming appliances within easy reach. Keep small items at your fingertips by using in-drawer shelving to create visible, flexible storage for various bathroom products.
  • For your linen closet, use on-the-door shelving for toiletries and chrome glide-out wire baskets covered with canvas liners for your laundry. Ample storage for everyday items will maximise your linen closet.
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