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Upcycle Your Junk — To Recycle while you Refurbish
09 Feb, 2017
For every new year calls a brand new beginning… So for this 2017, we’ll be kickstarting with a Home Reno Tip (from Lil’ Plush) that’s towards the Green initiative. 
A trendy new way to bring value to your old junk — Refurbish and Refresh your home through the act of Upcycling – an engaging and exciting routine that you can have fun doing with your family and friends.
What’s up cycling you might ask?
It’s the reworking/reusing of old or discarded objects/materials to create a product of higher value and purpose!

A cheap and innovative delight — spare the expense of buying exquisite centrepieces/furnitures by dolling your home with your very own line of upcycled furniture and decorations! —with only a couple of tools needed and (of course) your imagination to start!
In addition to impressing your guests with your own “Interior Collective”, your projects will also play a part to help our environment!

Time to check out these Quick Tips that Lil’ Plush has to suggest —to help you put your foot in to start!

1. Lil’ Plush Suggests: Repurpose your Surface
Say Hello to Chalkboard Paint — the cost effective solution to salvaging any ruined surfaces.
From scratched tables (with legs & body still intact), to stained cabinet doors, or even pretty frames that your pictures can’t fit but are simply too pretty for you to throw… With Chalkboard Paint, you can now transform it into a canvas for you to scribble & draw!

For example, paint the top of your worn-out side table — one that’s scratched or stained— to create a Doodle Activity Table for your Kids to enjoy! Throw them some chalk & a duster to wipe, and you’ll keep them busy drawing for the whole afternoon.
Or how about painting the front of your stained cabinet doors for a convenient “notepad” to scribble notes or even epiphanies that spark.Not only does it serve as a great decor feature for your home, it’s a clever addition that’ll gain you applause for being smart with your money & the environment. So why not give it a shot!
2. Lil’ Plush Suggests: Pack em’ Pallets
A “Storage Waste” that’s worth to collect and use to refurbish your home.
With many tossed out everyday after it’s primary use in Goods Transportation — the once underrated Wood Pallet has become increasingly common in recent years as the choice ECO feature that you should have for every Rustic or Industrial home. 

Versatile in style and use — prop it up or lay it flat to create either a wall or platform of your choice!
From Customisable shelves, to pretty coffee tables & even beds for you or your pet — be sure to pick up the best and sand it down till it’s splinter-free, before you start knocking your designs onto it! 

Great outdoors, indoors or even just for display, you can look online for many tips and tricks on how you can transform this humble waste into a ornament of your home!
3. Lil’ Plush Suggests: Clothe Your Cushions
Great for repurposing clothes that you can’t wear but simply can’t bear to donate/throw!
Just like your Home — the way you dress is the way you extend your personality to others around — and it’s something you can consider to incorporate into your space. 
By creating your very own line of Cushion/Pillow Covers to use and decorate your home.
An ECO Friendly & Cost efficient choice — start by picking out your favourite old clothes before  heading on to Mix & Match the prints you’ll like to see around your space. 
(P.s. Doesn’t matter if it’s slightly torn or old, as long as its material is easy to work with.)

Next, give them a  good wash to brighten its colour while proceeding to make the necessary measurements needed to create cases for your chosen cushions/pillows. 

We’ve got the Simplest solution for you.

Grab a large sweater/shirt to put over your cushion and tuck its excess fabric underneath — using only safety pins to secure and prevent its sleeves from unravelling!

For added flair, you can head down to the nearest Daiso or Craft Shop (many shops in People’s Park Complex) to purchase extra materials (such as frills or lace) to sew on to your personal cushion case designs!
For Ideas & Inspiration
Here’s a great website that Lil’ Plush has come across, that’ll perfect for you to get a rough footing:

Lacking Space &/or Tools to start Upcycling?
The One Maker Group is the solution to your needs, with its very own workshop that’s available for anyone to use — you’ll be able to get access to your much needed equipment to start your upcycle projects that home tools just can’t cater for. 

For more details, check em’ out @
P.S. For those who are planning/conducting home renovation, you can borrow tools from your engaged Interior Designer to aid your upcycling projects  — or even pass on the collected materials for them to incorporate into their proposed designs for you!

So start Upcycling today, and create your very own collective of Home Refurbishments that’s Green.
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