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Uncommon Design Styles
19 Dec, 2018

In a world where oddity is often frowned upon, everyone and everything starts to look the same. We should not succumb ourselves to the likes of people or society, and start being who we are, and that is being different, just as you and I were born unique. So to differentiate yourself from the norm, try doing the unconventional. To start off, you can begin with your home.

Here are 5 uncommon home interior designs:


What defines a Bohemian, is someone who is a free spirit, Follows their heart, carefree and adventurous person. This design style usually incorporates some vintage furniture, with a touch of modern, generally emphasizing on freedom. Use loads of colourful and patterned rugs, pillows and tapestry, bringing in the comfort and vibe of a Bohemian.

French Country

Warm, earthy colours are used for a French Country design style, the interior often incorporates worn and ornamental wooden furnishing, where sofas are very plushy.  Colour tones used often fall between amber to brown, very warm neutral colours, with a touch of rustic.


Farmhouse is a new design style that merges modern furniture to a cabin-like interior. It is for those who like new furniture but like old house designs. With its wooden materials used to build the house,  it will transport you back to the French Renaissance period.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is favourite among many designers, but not easy to recreate. This design style is ironic, like, how can you have a shabby place look chic? But there you go! Surprisingly, it does not look that bad.  It is a smart use of old or recycled materials and furniture to furnish the house. It accepts how the house comes, without adding any more finishing touches,

Arabian chic

Arabian styled interior designs seem so much like its made for royalty.  They focus on intricate designs and rich colours like red, blue and gold. Many lamps are also used, like an icon of its culture. High quality fabrics are also used such as silk and velvet, which are well-known to be materials used by royalty.  Having such an interior is for sure going to wow people with all its dainty designs.

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