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Tips to Decorate Your White Home
07 Apr, 2018

Nothing like having shiny, neat and easy like white interiors. This flexible and neutral colour works with everything. It’s rarely a boring colour. Read on to find inspiring ways to decorate your white homes.


1. Living the White Life

It’s a universal truth that white acts as a solid base colour to anything and everything. If you can be looking to have an elegant white living room, do note that not everything has to be white. You can add woody accents or a mirrored coffee table like the picture above. The crisp white sure does bring a modern edge to the room’s interiors.


2. White & Polished

Generally, white is associated with fresh and clean. If you are opting to remodel your kitchen to a complete white palate it’s a good thing. Here, the white cabinets and white ceramic soap holder all mingle nicely. The entire kitchen gives a liveable and calm vibe.


3. Colour Scheme

In order to get a feel of comfort and freshness, use variety of shades of white. In this dining room, the white shifts from the warm white on the wall, to a cooler hue on the dining table and sofa. Encasing colour to a few chosen accessories – lets the white layout take the centre stage.


4. White Clouds

Generate the atmosphere of sleeping inside a cloud but painting your room all-white. It stays true to the sensation of sleeping in a cloud with an all-white bedroom. This one stays true to the theme with decorations that are white, as in the drawer pulls and lamp bases. It’s much easier to adjust the by jus swapping out pillows and throws


5. Variety is Essential

To avoid being boring and clinical, choose to decorate with white with different accents and textures. The secret to success in this all-white bathroom is certainly bold texture and interesting wall accents.


There are various ideas to design your home. The main thing is to find the one that suits you and your family, even though it is great to do something radically new. After all, it’s a must that you able to really enjoy living in it day in and day out. If you need professional for your home renovation, simply submit your requirements, request for free quotes and consultation from Singapore’s interior designers.

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