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The Highs & Lows of Minimalist Interiors
26 Aug, 2016

Sleek, Modern and Contemporary. It’s clean cascading walls, furnishings and minimal décor make it the new trend for houses these days — popular among young (career-minded) couples. Boasting an intense simplicity, it plays host to the beauty of being “bare”.

But as beautifully “plain” as it might look, the choice of clean furnishing and depth of attained seamlessness can affect renovation costs to vary greatly.



Clean & Clutter-free
A joy for the eyes and space for the soul. This style depicts the perfect fuss-free look for everyday living. With pale walls and simplistic furniture that brighten the room, it makes for a refreshingly clean interior without being sterile.

ID Firm: AC Vision Design Pte Ltd | Location: Pasir Ris

Stylish Without Being Overbearing
Maybe it was Kinfolk or other Art magazines that made this style popular.
Bare yet elegant, minimalist accentuates the beauty of fluid furnishing, pale facades and elements that Pop. It’s element of surprise allows homeowners to express their sense of quirk as centrepieces of their home — A beautiful style that doesn’t require any elaborate taste.

ID Firm: Renozone Interior Design | Location: Yishun

An almost clean slate with only core furnishings pinned to the room, the house is basically a canvas throughout its term — allowing for add-ins to hype up its existing quirks that make it uniquely you. Got a random knick-knack? Slap it on any shelf/table and it’ll still be a dream.

ID Firm: Renozone Interior Design



Pretty it may be having facades flowing smooth from one room to another, current housing layouts (especially HDB/Condominiums) tend to come with an undesirable amount of recessed areas. Rectifications of these spaces don’t come cheap but is essential in achieving the flawless look of any minimalist home —for this endeavour, less equates more ($$).

ID Firm: DC Vision Design Pte Ltd | Location: Meyer Road | Cost: $80,000

It’s everywhere. Everyone wants it and probably most have it. Fresh and subtly artistic, it’s a scene set for any Instagram-worthy/Facebook cover shot — a place worth to be seen and heard living in. So if you’re not too keen on sharing the limelight, it would be recommended to go for something else.

ID Firm: DC Vision Design Pte Ltd | Location: Kovan Melody | Cost: $80,000

Now before you pick up your pen and start drafting, think about the real elements you would like to inject in your home… cause a tweak in detail can not only affect the cost of your renovation but also its uniqueness from the lot. Once you’ve locked down on a specific essence you would like to achieve, ring up a trustable ID and let them work the magic for you, as they’ll definitely head your home in the right direction.

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