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Storage Ideas For Shoe Lovers
22 Nov, 2018

We have a pair of feet but we just can’t help owning more shoes for every outfit!  Discover storage ideas for you, the shoe lover! 


1. Shoes & Ladder

Source: Pinterest

As seen from Pinterest on DIY shoe storage, you can use a ladder [wood/metal] to hang and show off your shoe collection. It is not only creative but saves space as it is not bulky. Using this idea could also make your room insta-worthy where you can take cool pictures like of those in Pinterest and even use it as a prop to take picture with your OOTD (Outfit of The Day). 


2. Under the Stairs

Source: Pinterest

If you are planning to renovate your place soon,  consider this. Firstly,  it will definitely save space as you work on existing feature in the house. Secondly, your house won’t look messy and dirty as all your shoes are hidden under/beside the stairs.  


3. Shelf It Up


This is for you minimalists! Instead of the normal shoe racks that you can find elsewhere, you can DIY a pipe rack. This is an open-concept shoe rack which you can add on more as you like. 


4. Grid Em’

This is another idea that follows by the theme of minimalist. You can DIY a grid to hang your shoes. This is definitely for ladies who owns more stiletto heels than cooking pots! It is more feasible to hang heels than sneakers/slippers which don’t have heels. This saves so much space as you can hang as much shoes as you want, pertaining to the size of the grid.


5. Create the Crate

Source: Pinterest

This is for you people who wants to bring countryside feels to your home. You can try sourcing for abandoned crates alongside industrial areas or purchase them. This is a good approach to having an organised shoe rack. For instance, you can use one crate for each family member! If let’s say there’s no more space, you can simply stack more crates. Woods are sustainable material hence it is good for long-term purposes.


6. Hole in the Wall

Source: Homeit

This is another way to de-clutter your pool of shoes. If you’re innovative kinda person, you can opt for this idea! You can do this either through build-in to save space (optimal for small houses) or protruding way which is bulky. (optimal for big houses). This totally reminds me of the hexagon puzzle game! 


7. Plant the Shoes

Source: Ikea

If you’re a plant lover and have extra pots and you don’t know what to do with it, this is the answer! This is one creative way to store your shoes, preferably slippers/sandals or any shoes that have flat bottoms. Use pots that are made of tin so it can withstand heavy shoes. To be more organized, you can put labels on the tins. For instance, name labels for your family members or the type of shoes that are inside.

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