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Small Bathroom, Big Time Comfort
19 Apr, 2015

Don’t let that tiny bathroom space get you down! Without the proper lighting and colours and smart space allocation, small bathrooms can seem dark, cramped and just downright depressing.


Make your special ‘resting place’ look so much more spacious in a jiffy with these easy, practical tips.


Color Illusion

Use bright, strong colours for accents and accessories such as soap dishes, towels and rugs, instead of on the walls. Pick soft, calming colours like lavender, mint green, baby blue or a pale pink, to infuse a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.


Do away with the vanity

Not your narcissism – we mean the vanity cupboard under your sink. It may seem like a handy storage area but takes up precious floor room. You could store extra toiletries in a closet in the hallway outside the bathroom instead. Small bathrooms always look better with wall-mounted or pedestal sinks that really reveal “open” space.

Lighten up some extra lighting will always add a touch of hospitality to your bathroom. Try recessed lighting embedded in the ceiling, wall sconces or even small tabletop lamps. If you have a larger budget, a skylight would be an exotic touch.


Try not to ‘stick out’

Just like how uncomfortable you would feel ‘sticking out’ in a crowd, any furniture whose dimensions extend beyond the boundaries of other furniture in the room will make your room seem to “shrink”. Wall shelves, hanging racks or hanging accessories may seem to minimise the size of your small bathroom even further.


Mirror mirror on the wall

A large mirror placed in front of the bathroom sink will serve to reflect all light in the room, highlighting the colours and patterns used in the room.


Knock down that door

Any opaque shower door will obstruct your line of vision, making it stop right at the shower door and further emphasising how small the bathroom is. One remedy is to replace that shower door with a curtain that can be pushed aside when not in use, or frosted (clear, if you dare!) glass door.


De-clutter that space!

Any clutter will only take up precious room – eliminate unnecessary towels, floor rugs and little accessories. Only keep the toiletries you really need on countertops.


Raise that ceiling

Ceilings can be raised, albeit only visually, by painting lattice or moulding designs around the corners of the ceiling. You could install crown moulding on the ceiling in a matching colour. Remember to keep all colours light and airy.

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