Small gizmos with big brains

Don’t think that the only smart gadgets around have to have about ten thousand automated functions, there are nifty little gadgets which look unassuming but do some pretty impressive tricks!


Dial ‘T’ for Technology

Does your advanced, high-tech kitchen stove look like the control panel out of Star Trek? Do you loathe cleaning around dials? Then this may be the solution for you.

Some electronic cooktops are operated with only one dial. How’s that possible?

The removable dial is held in place by a magnet under the cooktop’s ceramic glass surface. Simply select the function you wish to control on the touch-screen glass panel, then rotate the knob to set your desired power level via a magnetic flux.

Cleaning is a breeze – just remove the dial and run your cloth over the clean, flat, smooth cooktop surface. To lock the cooktop (safety first!) then store the dial in its designated home.

You can find it at: Bosch NES electric cooktop


Sensible stoves

Smart gas and electric stoves can actually be safety boosted with new technology which monitor cooking and keeps cooktop areas safe.

Pan sensing elements turn cooktops off when pans are removed from their surface, and when pans are returned to the cooking surface, the temperature is turned back on to the previous level used.

Pan sizing features activate the suitable zones on the stove to match the surface area of the pan.

You can find it at: Thermador’s ZoneSmart cookers


Big Convenience in a small oven

When what you crave is convenience, not capacity, you’ll find that a small oven is all that you will ever need for your home.

The smallest built-in oven in the industry currently weighs in at 22 inches high, with a 1.2 cubic foot interior. Its small size belies its tremendous ability to bake, broil or toast anything you can fit into its diminutive belly. Great as a second kitchen oven and quicker to heat up than a large, cavernous oven, this one-size-fits-all device may be your most versatile and valuable cooking tool.

You can find it at: Jenn-Air, Convenience oven