The idea of enjoying a luxurious soak in frothy, scented water with a delicate flute of champagne resting between your fingertips is certainly the stuff movies and dreams are made of. But don’t bring out the bubble bath just yet, because the eclectic range of shower designs available, from the utilitarian to the ultra-luxe, gives a whole new meaning to ‘washing your worries away’.


Showers are perfect for those who don’t relish the thought of soaking in their own filth, and they also enable us to freshen up our bodies quickly and in a much more economical manner than bathtubs.


A variety of showers
Shower lovers can choose from a wide array of showers, including:

Electric showers – water is drawn directly from mains supply and heated as needed. Ideal for homes that do not have a stored hot water supply. Mixer showers – a fuss-free shower valve mixes hot and cold water supplies to your desired temperature and flow pressure. These are best for homes that have a steady source of hot water. Power showers – contain mixing valves and a pump in a single unit, allowing for a higher water pressure than electric or mixer showers. Hot and cold water are mixed to your desired temperature. These units are best for homes with a ready supply of hot water, but are not usable with combination boilers. Shower panels feature bodyjets and multiple showerheads, to provide a deluxe showering experience. They are best used in houses with a stored hot water supply, and most are thermostatic – they are able to maintain water temperature in the shower even when water is being used in other areas of the house Venturi showers are radical designs which do not use any pumps or electrical connections, yet promise exceptional performance because of its groundbreaking venturi nozzle. It maintains the temperature of the water, provides a vigorous stream of water, and is operated smoothly and precisely by a single lever.


Bringing the Spa to your Home
If you can’t find time to get to the spa, why not recreate the experience in your own home bathroom? A myriad of bathroom products await you – their deluxe features promise to provide you with a showering experience that is out of the ordinary.

Some of the more stunning options provide an unparalleled hydro-massage experience in the form of a gushing waterfall, combined with chromatherapy lighting. This spectacular combination helps to soothe neck and shoulder aches while bringing the user into a whole new dimension.

Try: Kohler BodySpa Waterfall K-1002-H2

Body Jets
Some ultra pampering showers feature full-length body jets with anywhere from four to ten jets along a vertical panel. These multiple jets bring an unrivaled massage sensation, and some highlights are variable water flow control, electronic jet selection and chromatherapy lighting.

Try:Kohler BodySpa ten-jet tower K-1000-H2 or BodySpa eight-jet tower K-1030

Overhead showers
For those who like the sensation of being rained upon, overhead shower fixtures are just the device for them.

Try: Hans Grohe Rainshower System


Steam generators
Nothing says spa luxury like a steam bath. Steam generators are nifty little gadgets which fit inconspicuously and easily into your shower haven. After a long, hard day, wrap yourself in a fog of warm, comforting vapor and seek rejuvenation by leaving the outside world behind.

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Digital interfaces
Creating your personal spa may be as easy as pushing a button on a panel. Some high-end showers have digital interfaces which allow you to enrich your shower experience. One-touch buttons allow you to activate hydro-massage or temperature treatment options, as well as customised temperature or water pressure settings.

Try: Kohler DTV ™ Digital Interface, K684