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Regrettable renovation mistakes to avoid
18 Aug, 2018

Renovation works are large scale projects that require a lot of coordination in order to achieve the final desired outcome. However, this proves a feat to accomplish especially to first-time homeowners. Therefore, in order to help you out on your first time attempt in seeking out renovation services, here is a list of renovation mistakes that you should avoid making!

1. Having everything built-in

It always seems an attractive deal to have a compact kitchen that offers all the appliances you need built right in including a microwave oven, fridge, oven, coffee maker and more. However, there are disadvantages towards installing such a setup as well. The built-in structure restricts the size of the appliances making it extremely troublesome to find replacements. This may even extend to limiting the brand of replacement appliance you can use! Therefore, it is recommended that homeowners should generally avoid build-in setups apart from cases such as ovens which have an international general size.


2. Installing hidden switches

Think again even if it may seem like an excellent visual choice to install hidden switches around your house especially in the kitchen. If you are trying to avoid grimy sockets and opt for this as an alternative, be prepared to deal with the issues that come with such an installation. If you have hidden sockets for multiple appliances, they are to be left permanently switched on with your appliances running on a constant standby mode even if you do not use them often. As a result, electricity is being wasted ultimately making this an impractical choice. You may also end up incurring further costs if you decide to rectify the situation by hiring an electrician to rewire the appliance so that it can be physically turned on and off.

3. Creating a themed nursery

If you are a new homeowner with a baby along the way, it is likely that you would want to invest in a beautiful room for your family’s newest addition. However, despite such rooms being easy money for interior designers, it also usually turns out to be a waste of money. In spite of your child’s pleas early on, they will outgrow the room soon before you realise it and be asking for something less “kiddy”. As such all the customised furniture created would have to be replaced. Therefore, instead of splurging on such specific interior designs, why not choose to opt for a more classic and timeless design?

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4. Placing the main focus on renovation trends

There is a constant shift of different renovation trends throughout the years that have both come and gone. However it is not uncommon for new homeowners turn to following the latest trends for inspiration. Yet, do avoid being too overly invested with these trends as you may soon grow tired of it and it loses its initial appeal. If you are still inclined on having a particular design element in your home, opt for incorporating smaller pieces within a classic and timeless design so that they can be rearranged and changed up over the years without needing a major overhaul!

5. Buying furniture without first planning for them

If you rush to purchase a certain piece of furniture that you fell in love with at the store, chances are that it might actually not be the right fit for your home space. A lack of accurate measurement and allocation often results in the item being too large for your room or throwing the balance off for the entire space. Therefore it is important to ensure that you have a good estimation of how this particular piece would sit in your room before making the purchase.

6. Overly ambitious towards DIY projects

Oftentimes, many have the misconception that DIY projects would allow them to cut down on a lot of unnecessary costs incurred during home renovation. This is not true and some tasks definitely are still best left to the professionals to handle. This includes electrical and plumbing jobs in which homeowners are strongly encouraged to seek professional help due to the potential danger involved. If they are not done properly to begin with, it might also lead to larger more costly home issues which is counter-productive. Hence it is encouraged for you to spend first before regretting later. However small DIY tasks to add your own personal flair to your home is still encouraged!

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7. Hiring an unlicensed contractor

Generally, there is no harm in hiring unlicensed contractors for minor works such as fixing doors and plumbing. However, for major renovations, it may not be wise to select someone who does not have the necessary qualifications. With the fact that damages done during renovation would actually be claimed from the contractors’ insurance and not your personal one, if an unlicensed contractor was to cause damages to your apartment, your insurance would not cover you thus far! Hence it is recommended for you to seek out professionally licensed companies to prevent any mishaps and regrets from happening!

8. Taking out personal loans before renovation loans

Personal loans would cost way more than renovation loans with a per annum interest rate at around six to nine percent whereby renovation loans go with an interest rate of five percent per annum or lower. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for renovation loans first before taking out any personal loans. With renovation loans being capped at $30,000 or six times your monthly income (whichever is lower), it should suffice basic renovation for a small flat. So always remember to consider taking a renovation loan before tapping onto personal loans!

source: guesthousestaycey

We hope that these tips would be useful in helping to bring you closer to achieving your dream home! Eradicate all your worries over hiring the wrong people to tackle the major task of your home renovation by seeking help from ST Homes today. A comprehensive interior design portal that provides listings of industry certified professionals and top interior designers in Singapore, you and your home are definitely in good hands. Simply visit our website and submit a renovation request  and you will be on your way to discussing your dreams with a trusted interior designer.

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