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Reflecting Feng Shui: Mirrors at Home (II)
01 Sep, 2018

Did you know that mirrors are a good tool to avoid bad luck in your household apart from making the interior look more spacious? All you need to know is how to position your mirror in the auspicious Feng Shui location for it to work its charm. Following the first part of this article whereby we provided tips on the locations you should place mirrors in your home, this installment tells you what not to do when it comes to mirrors and their effects on Feng Shui. 

1. Do not place mirrors in front of beds

It is advisable not to place mirrors in front of beds as it has been said to create insomnia. Reasons for this include the fact that the mirror is reflective and thus catches every bit of light and sound and magnifies it, often a cause of disruptive sleep. Mirrors have also been said to bring in unwanted interference such as a third party within a relationship if it faces and reflects a nuptial bed or even increases the tendencies of soul-stealing to name a few negative attributes.


source: fengshuinexus

2. Do not position a mirror opposite a front door

Mirrors opposite a front door is also a large no-no as it pushes any energy right back out the door. However, if you have a small foyer or area cut off near the main door, you could attach a mirror to enlarge the space visually like with the dining area. Just ensure that you do so in a manner that still allows the qi to enter the house!

source: casadiriposovillaida

3. Do not arrange tiled mirrors as opposed to whole ones

Despite being in trend, mirror tiles while offering pleasurable aesthetics does not contribute positively to the Feng Shui of your home. Unable to provide the sense of completeness when you see yourself as compared to a whole piece of mirror, these tiled mirrors may cause you to feel distorted and ‘broken up’ over time.

4. Do not place mirrors in kitchens

The kitchen is a place that one should avoid having any mirrors placed as it has negative Feng Shui energies. With the ability to double the energy of an area, having a mirror in the kitchen would only serve to undesirably amplify the negative energies within it. Kitchen stoves of all kinds are also a source of extremely strong Yang fire energy. Having a mirror face the stove would expand this energy and result in a shift in the Yin and Yang balance of a house which may cause slight discomfort.

5. Do not reflect negative spaces

Negative spaces such as toilets, fireplaces or messy areas should not be reflected through a mirror as well. With a mirror reflecting such areas, the negative energy is resultantly magnified which is unwelcome in a home.

We hope these tips can help you better decide on where not to place mirrors in your home in prevent a disruption of positive Feng Shui energy. If you are in need of other home renovation tips and tricks, simply visit our interior design portal website at ST Homes. With a comprehensive list of top interior designers in Singapore, we will be able to cater to your renovation needs in just a few easy steps.  Simply submit a renovation request here and have interior design companies get in touch with you shortly! Creating and designing your dream home has never been easier.

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