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Reflecting Feng Shui: Mirrors at Home (I)
25 Aug, 2018

Did you know that mirrors are a good tool to avoid bad luck in your household apart from making the interior look more spacious? All you need to know is how to position your mirror in the auspicious Feng Shui location for it to work its charm. In this two part article, ST Homes is here to share with you  a few tips to help you decide where to best place your mirror and which locations to avoid! 


1. Place mirrors in dining rooms

It is recommended for you to place mirrors in your dining room or area as the room symbolically contains the ‘wealth’ in your home. As such, placing a mirror in this room seemingly enlarges the size of the room, signifying a growth in your wealth as well. Additionally, it is also considered auspicious to ‘double’ the food on the table as that symbolises the abundance of food in your home. Do remember that mirrors reflect the positive as well as the negative, therefore, ensure that your table is kept clean and neat at all times! If you happen to hold parties and gatherings in the dining area, the mirror will also be able to ‘double’ the number of people in the room, increasing the amount of festive qi. Do note however that the mirror should be large enough to reflect the full length of a person and do avoid cutting off the heads or feet of people!

2. Place mirrors at a height above the top of your head

It is important to place mirrors at a height whereby it can reflect ideally your full head and torso. This should apply to every member in your family in your household as well to fully reflect everyone’s aura. A mirror that cuts off at the head level is said to leave you with headaches or disconnected thoughts whereas one that is too low requires you to engage in an unconfident posture of stooping down. Additionally, narrow mirrors have also been said to cause you to lose confidence and develop a negative body image by thinking that you are taking up too much space. Apart from that, as Feng Shui is all about being in harmony with your surroundings, having a mirror wide enough to reflect both you and your surroundings will allow you to visually experience how this harmony comes about.

3. Hang a mirror in your hallway but not at the end

If your hallway is relatively long and dark, having a mirror along the stretch will allow you to add light and movement within the space and draw qi along to circulate throughout your home. However, it is only recommended to place mirrors on the two side-walls of the hallway and not at the end while making sure that the mirrors on either wall does not face each other. Positioning a mirror at the end of the hallway in turn represents ‘staying away’, often resulting in mistakes and frustration which is something we would like to avoid.

4. Use mirrors to open up narrow spaces

Homes might run the issues of having slightly narrow spaces that are often largely shadowed from natural lighting as well. You may choose to lean a mirror against a wall to open up the room visually or as mentioned earlier, have them along narrow hallways as well. A key factor towards losing fortune and abundance within a home is narrow staircases. Therefore, it is advisable to place a mirror to widen the area and bring in the prosperity.

5. Use mirrors to cover up problems

There are certain areas that are labelled to be problematic within a house especially square pillars or missing corners. Occuring in some homes would be the presence of a square pillar that stands in the middle of the room which generates a form of sha qi which should be averted. To do so, simply mirror up the four sides of the pillar, essentially making it disappear hence removing the source of the sha qi along with it.


Hope these tips can help you better decide on where to place mirrors in your home to better contribute to the positive Feng Shui energy. Remember to stay tuned for the don’ts when it comes to mirror placements in your home in the second part of this article coming up next week!

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