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Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring In Singapore
31 Mar, 2016

Not so long ago vinyl flooring was a preserve of hospitals and supermarket floors. That trend however rapidly shifted, and many homeowners in Singapore preferred either the vinyl tiles or the sheet vinyl for their home flooring needs. The rise in popularity spurs from its low price, availability in varied colours, designs and styles and the fact that it is relatively easy to install. Sheet vinyl, however, can present a challenge for a first-timer, in comparison to the installation of vinyl tiles. Although vinyl has remarkably desirable traits, a person wishing to install it must carefully consider its benefits and the downsides before investing to fully understands what to expect of the vinyl floor.



1. Easy on the feet
Vinyl has a thin foam or felt backing layer that results in a softer and more flexible floor surface. A person can, therefore, stand on it for a long time without feeling fatigued.

2. Inexpensive and easy to Install
Vinyl flooring installation is affordable and easy especially for the vinyl tiles and the twelve-foot Sheet Vinyl.

3. They are durable
Vinyl can last up to twenty-five years after installation as they are highly perdurable. No wonder many vinyl manufacturers readily offer their products with warranties spreading up to twenty years.

4. Highly Water and Stain resistant
Vinyl is resistant to both water and stain, making it one of the perfect flooring solutions for surfaces that require waterproofing, cracked floors, subfloors and areas previously installed with vinyl or linoleum.

5. Easy to clean and maintain
Vinyl floors have a low maintenance cost, and they are easy to clean. In most cases all it takes is occasional sweeping and wiping using a damp piece of cloth or mop.

6. They are versatile
Vinyl exists in a variety of designs, styles and colors that a homeowner can use to actuate any impression that he or she desires. For instance, create an impression of wooden planks or even stone tiles.



1. Have Health risks
Even though manufacturers of vinyl flooring products try to minimize the use of chemicals like PVC significantly, the vinyl flooring still contains PVC. Consequently, when Vinyl is still new, it has the potential of releasing volatile organic compounds or VOC, which is monotonous for lowering and compromising the quality of indoor air.

2. Installation requires a lot of preparation
The actual installing of vinyl flooring is relatively easy. The challenge, however, lies in the preparation stage, where the person carrying the installation must ensure that the floor is spotless, even and orderly to enable a seamless installation.

3. They are not damage proof
Since vinyl floorings are soft, they are prone to dents, tears, and scratches which often leave them defaced. In unfortunate instances, moisture can permeate the vinyl seams resulting in mildew and lifting. Rooms with vinyl floors should have furniture with padded legs to minimize the tension exerted on the vinyl.

By examining the advantages and disadvantages of installing vinyl flooring, a homeowner gets into an up position to choose if to get the Vinyl floor or not, depending on the type of room, expectations and budget. For more home renovation about vinyl flooring, you may contact Singapore’s recommended flooring contractor and request for FREE quotes for comparison.

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