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Pro Tips To Make Your House Cosy & Comfortable
26 Dec, 2017

Finding the balance between minimal and comfortable can seem difficult. So many modern spaces look empty or sterile. Yet, going for that cosy feel often leads you down a road to over-decorating. To create a minimalist look that still feels like a home, focus on texture and add organic touches. Here are a few Pro Tips to bring more warmth to your home.


1. It’s All About the Furniture

Your furniture is the main ingredient in setting the comfort factor in your room. By choosing upholstered furniture, such as this white sofa, you add a homey feel while maintaining the traditional lines of the living room.


2. Layer your Bedding

Introduce extras to your bed for the fall and winter months. Layer in additional pillow pairs and place a decorative throw in a seasonal colour or pattern across the foot of the bed.


3. Switch out Accessories

Trade brightly coloured quilts, bedsheets, and other affordable accessories for muted tones and seasonal textures. These inexpensive changes can be made even more affordable if you shop at end-of-season sales.


4. Pick Soft Colours

People hesitate when buying neutral furniture because of the chance it might get dirty. Kick up a neutral palette with colourful accessories, accent furniture, and artwork for a more casual look.


5. Add Natural Elements

Touches from the outdoors create a cosy and organic look in your home.


6. Be Eclectic

Mixing and matching different styles creates a personalized look for your home. Don’t be afraid to try it, just be sure to keep one dominate element and mix styles through the accessories.

Having a home that is inviting will make it an enjoyable and memorable place. If you need a free consultation for your home renovation, simply submit your requirements here. And in return, you may also receive few quotes from recommended interior designers for comparison too.

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