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Plan a Holiday: Christmas Checklist
15 Dec, 2014
  • Using a party planner page, decide on the date, theme and focus of the holiday party. Add the date to the holiday calendar.
  • Set a party budget. Use a Party Budget planner to estimate costs.
  • Make a party guest list.
  • Invite guests. Track RSVPs on the guest list.
  • Review recipes for party food, and plan party menu. Use familiar recipes to avoid culinary surprises.
  • Plan home decorations. Purchase or make any needed centrepieces or decorations, candles or linens.
  • Select music. Create playlists on a computer or media player for party use.
  • One week before the party, clean house. Focus on public areas, the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Two days before the party, begin preparing food. Decorate the house and set any tables ahead of time.
  • Block out several hours on the day of the party to relax and prepare. Enjoy your event!
  • Clean up after the party–and enjoy the “thank you!” phone calls from your guests.
  • After the party, debrief. Note successes and shortfalls on the party planner form. It’ll guide your next event


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