If you’ve been swept up in the intricacies of interior decorating, finding the perfect wall colours, matching bedroom sets, majestic curtains and even matching throw pillows, but find that something’s amiss – look into your lighting! Remember that lighting is the foremost important detail in your interior design concept; without lighting, all form, colour, and textures will be lost.


Because we’re so done with Zen

Chandeliers are the antithesis of the austere, bare to the basics trends which have swept the interior design world in the past decade, transforming homes into sleek, futuristic emblems of minimalism. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Zen and welcome a whole new era of lighting with some major wow-factor!

Because many modern homes are built with clean, hard lines, chandeliers can actually help to soften the clinical feel by offering a touch of old-world romanticism and an infusion of wealth, luxury and glamour. Warm golden light, when diffused through layers of cut, gleaming crystal, has an effect that both dazzles and electrifies at the same time.


Where can I find chandeliers?

Because these were a symbol of ‘old money’ and only those very privileged could afford to have them, you can now find charming vintage chandeliers for a song at antique or second-hand shops.

If you prefer spanking new designs, an array of innovative new twists on the traditional chandelier are available:

  • New methods of structuring the classic bohemian crystals have been discovered
  • Whereas conventionally a single frosted lightbulb was used for illuminating a chandelier, designers are now able to hide several smaller light sources dispersed throughout the chandelier, lending it a more controlled and fascinating lighting effect
  • Nowadays, chandeliers are not limited to crystals – new designers have experimented with creating chandeliers out of metal, porcelain or even mussel shells!
  • Novel, interesting colors are available such as red, green, orange, even black


Hidden away

Concealed lighting has the advantage of highlighting and bringing attention to areas with a soft glow, instead of a harsh glare. They also light up rooms and add atmosphere while being ingeniously concealed.

Creating mysterious and unique projections and shadows is easy with concealed uplighting, which can be creatively placed – try under shelves, along the floor or above certain mantelpieces.