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Myths & Facts: What hiring an interior designer can do for you
21 Sep, 2018

When it comes down to the actual construction and fulfillment of the dream home, chances are things may not go as planned or reality falls short. Interior designing and renovation works are large scale works and are a considerable investment hence it is often recommended to seek professional help in order to best achieve your dream home.  Here are a few myths and facts laid out for you on hiring an interior designer to do up your beloved living space.

1. Hiring an interior designer is an added cost to your already tight renovation budget


Despite the common assumption that an interior designer is an added cost to your already costly renovation plans, hiring a trusty designer can in fact help you save money in the long run throughout the entire project.

  • Designer can almost always offer the best options within your budget and to get the most value out of your options. Because they are the subject expert and would have done more research on a comparable alternatives than most of us. 
  • Interior designers often work closely with a variety of industry professionals which is beneficial to you in terms of saving cost.
  • Additionally, interior designers provide professional advice on how furniture should be laid out in your room while suggesting the right size and fit. This can prevent you from purchasing items based on preference without considering the scale and size of it within your apartment. Do note that what you presume to look good in a furniture store may not present the same effect in your home! 

2. DIY or self coordinating for your new home is faster than hiring an interior designer


For the DIY folks, question – should you lay the flooring first or paint the wall first?

  • Hiring an interior designer would in fact save you much more time than trying to figure out the process or coordinating the flow of all the contractors. 
  • Being trained professionals they have a clear understanding of what to expect and is able to well anticipate any obstacles that may come up.
  • Interior designers are well-equipped to conduct the adequate research work even on your most specific requirements which may not be possible with the basic level of resources available to us.

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3. You can reach out with contractors more easily with the help of an interior designer


  • The connections that interior designers have with other industry professionals promotes them as a one-stop shop to ensure that all of these outsourced companies have a reliable background and are qualified professionals.
  • One point of contact to all problems, this helps save time and relieves new homeowners of the stress of finding someone reliable to take care of the electrical wiring or plumbing works.
  • The interior designer would also ensure that everyone is working on the same wavelength, greatly aiding in the cohesiveness of the design of your house.

source: alkim

4. Having an interior designer guarantees your renovation a higher rate of success


The professionalism and conduct offered by interior design companies would manage to see your renovation works through to the completion of your dream home. Hiring an interior designer would effectively reduce the risk of plans falling through as they would have full control over the works ongoing and would be able to seek alternative options if anything does crop up. Their insight may also allow revisions to best suit your needs and wants while not sacrificing quality, bringing to life an improved version of your dream home.


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