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Monochromatic home palettes – Part 2
19 Apr, 2015

In part one of Monochromatic home palettes, we shared about choosing the various colour scheme for your room and how does monochromatic colour scheme works. Basically, it uses a single colour on every surface and in this type of scheme, darker shades, greyer tones and paler tints of that single colour are included in the palette. For example, if a bright blue is the main colour, the accompanying hues are light blues and darker blues.

One very popular range is – you guessed it – black and white. Another range that is fast becoming popular is monochromatic red in accents of red and varying degrees of it in crimson, scarlet, pink, rose and of course, white which was shared in Part one.


Green & Light Green

A refreshing colour scheme like green on green is rarely done. That’s a real waste because judging by the effect it has on the space above, it’s amazing.


Neutral Monochromatic

Neutral chromatic colour schemes have been gaining popularity in homes across the country too with their muted colours. Many have opted to bring this mild but stunning palette into living rooms and dining rooms.


Black & White

The most popular monochromatic colour scheme is undeniably this one. We’re not surprised because black and white are contrasting colours that are so chic! Black and white can pull of both the new modern and the old rustic if you play your cards right.


Orange & Orange

Doesn’t just a simple picture of the two heavyweight colours alarm you? Orange is a brilliant hue that is vibrant and breathtaking. However, many don’t dare to attempt this combination because of the impressive effect it can have in small rooms. All the same, it’s an interesting and bold colour.

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