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Monochromatic home palettes – Part 1
19 Apr, 2015

Choosing the rooms in your home to lean the way of monochromatic palettes is a popular and rather aesthetically pleasing idea. What exactly is a monochromatic colour scheme? A monochromatic colour scheme essentially uses a single colour on every surface. In this type of scheme, darker shades, greyer tones and paler tints of that single colour are included in the palette. For example, if a bright blue is the main colour, the accompanying hues are light blues and darker blues.

One very popular range is – you guessed it – black and white which will be shared further in Part Two of this topic. Another range that is fast becoming popular is monochromatic red in accents of red and varying degrees of it in crimson, scarlet, pink, rose and of course, white.


Blue & White

An example of blues and whites contrasted with each other. This scheme has also tastefully incorporated browns in the form of the wood table and mahogany blinds.


Blue & Grey

Blue and grey is very enchanting combination. Because grey is almost synonymous in terms of appearance with blue, it forms the appearance of an almost one coloured palette until someone looks more closely.


Red & White

This scheme employs the use of white and red. Dusty pinks can be seen on the cushions and frames. Brown furniture has been cleverly segued into the layout because brown is ultimately a darker and greyer shade of red.


Red & Red

Red on red is a very strong and rich palette. It sets the mood of luxury and sensualism. It is a very bold scheme and only if you purposely want to replicate the moods should you go for this color.

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