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Maximising space: Living Room edition
13 Sep, 2018

A common issue faced by many homeowner is the struggle to find space in their homes or to create extra storage space. Living Room, is the main sitting room of your home, it is important to have it kept organised for unexpected guests. Read on for the tips and tricks to generate more space in your living room. 

1. Scale down your furniture

Ensure that your furniture are the right size.  For small living room, choose:

  • Leaner tables will save floor space
  • Try out a glass or metal coffee table to make the space look bigger as well
  • Sofas should be placed flushed to walls in order to maximise walking space
  • Furniture such as sofas with legs can also visually take off some weight of the piece making it look less bulky. Additionally, having legs also props up the piece of furniture freeing up floor space making the area look more open.

2. Multi-functional Furniture

Expand the storage capabilities of the area in order to organise items more neatly and what is the best way to do it than to start with your original pieces of furniture.

  • multi-functional furniture that can double up as effective storage space
  • opt for sofa piece that has an under-seat storage and have them store extra cushions or blankets
  • a coffee table that has cabinets under them
  • sofa that transforms into a bed also provides extra space for guests to sleepover
multifunctional coffee table from

3. Utilise wall space

Effectively utilising wall space is key in expanding storage space within your living room as it helps keep items off the floor, freeing up walking space.

  • construct wall shelves above your TV console 
  • a corner wall mounted shelf can also replace the need of having a side table or coffee table as it provides space for you to place TV remotes or magazines 
  • throw in a large mirror to make it look even more spacious
by AceSpaceDesign


4. Allow ample light in

Allowing light in is the easiest and a great way to making the room look more spacious and airy.

  • use a sheer curtain that provides you with the privacy but without compromising the amount of light let in.
  • Apart from natural lighting, you can also control the amount of light in a living room using lighting fixtures in the room.
  • Having lighting fixtures at various levels such as floor lamps, hanging lights and table lights that helps create a well-lit room that contributes to the spaciousness of the room.

5. Be smart with colours

In order to create a spacious looking living room, selecting the right colours for your space is important. Selecting with a plain white colour definitely will not go wrong as it helps make the room look brighter as well. Be brave with this decision and also look to extending the white concept to target the furniture pieces in the living room as well. Alternatively, if you not keen on the idea of an entirely white room, using faded and neutral tones would also give off the same effect. Adding bits of brightly coloured items would be a good complement to the white design style as it helps the room look less dull and mundane.

6. Segregate the space using rugs

Another tip to organise your living room and make it look less messy would be to segregate the area up with rugs so as to designate specific places to put certain furniture to avoid clutter. It is also important to have a rug that extends all the way to the walls but instead select something that just allows the front legs of your sofa to sit on it to prevent the space from looking clunky as well.

by Amrol Desogn & Reno

7. Wall mounts

Last but not least, the best way to save space is definitely to eradicate the need for a table for the television but just to mount that TV on the wall! Therefore in order to maximise space in your living room, simply look towards removing things from the floor. An open floor space is key to making your room look bigger and brighter.

Quit worrying about having a cramped living room area or not having enough space to store everything. With the above tips, your living room will be able to look spacious yet provide ample storage space for the assorted items you have to keep the place looking clean and organised.  These tips have been brought to you by ST Homes, an interior design portal that aims to provide comprehensive information to meet all your design and renovation needs while giving tips to help improve your living experience. Simply start off by filling up a renovation request here and they will be in touch with you shortly! With ST Homes, designing your personal space has never been easier.

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