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5 Ideas to Make Your Home Insta-worthy
09 Nov, 2018

Often we want to impress people with the things we have. Everything new, pretty or hilarious will be uploaded on Instagram. Even when we’re in the toilet or on the streets and come across something insta-worthy, we will take snapshots of it. Now, even our house has be insta-worthy so people will be impressed. And yes, that OOTD spot for family pictures or when guests come over is now mandatory.

As they say it, “Do it for the gram”.
Here are 5 tips to convert your house to insta-worthy till your feed displays every corner of your house!

  1. Wallpaper/Tiles

    You know those pictures you take just to show off your new shoes or if they match the tiles of the place you’re at. Yup, these printed tiles can definitely make your house an insta-worthy one! Try going for Moroccan tiles for your kitchen. I’d bet you’ll wanna take pictures of them every time you’re whipping something up in the kitchen! It will add a touch of art to your home, making it look alive and vibrant unlike ordinary tiles.
    Another is the use of wallpaper/decor stickers to decorate their dull wall. You can also use 3D brick wall stickers to decorate the walls to add dimensions to the house. Definitely a spot for OOTD!

  2. Add the greens

    Plant lover or not, adding greens to your house will make your house appear softer and adds contrast to the hard surfaces such as corner of your walls. It also adds aesthetics to your dull, empty corner. Your house may get the ‘fresh’ image due to the vibrant green colour. If you don’t already know, having plants in your house can reduce stress and aid breathing as plants releases oxygen. 

  3. Wake up & Make Up

    Ladies, we all feel each other. It is a NEED to have a dressing table even if you have to sacrifice not having a walk-in wardrobe. With the rise and influence of youtubers/beauty gurus on social media, every girl now owns those acrylic makeup storages to store their makeup and makeup brushes. I’m pretty sure one is always excited to share their makeup collection and newfound favourite lipstick and such to their friends, family or on social media.

  4. The Bathroom that makes people wait for 20 minutes

    Ever wonder why a person takes a real long time to come out from the bathroom? (besides doing their business of course) It’s a selfie of course! The bathroom is actually a crucial area of your house as every guest will need to go. Come on, let’s admit it, we too, secretly judge cleanliness and aesthetics of it. Just like in cafes, they make you feel in awe of their bathroom decor. So, to make it aesthetically-pleasing, add vintage mirrors, brass fixtures, good lightings and patterned tiles.
    Then again, don’t complain if they are inside for a good 30 minutes.

  5. So de-LIGHT-ful

    Neon lights are a trend now for home accessories. Often we see them in American diners, pizzeria and movie theatres. Now, it can brought into our home! How cool is that?! Now you can take those night out pictures as and when you feel like it. This complements with a modern/minimalist style. 

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