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Lighting Fixtures for Every Home Theme
19 Apr, 2015

If you’re trying to make sense out of the astounding selection of lighting fixtures, lamp stands, lamp shades, pendant lamps and chandeliers out there, don’t worry.  With such a dazzling collection to choose from, there will surely be a piece to match your decorating theme exactly. The problem is… where the heck do you start looking?


Narrowing down your choices


1. English country theme

This formal and elegant style mimics the stately charm of the English countryside, and is embellished by well-framed oil paintings, embroidered pillows and fine ceramic figurines.

A traditional chandelier, with a level of grandness suitable to your furnishings, would complement the design style nicely. Lead-crystal fixtures and brass or copper lanterns may work for ceiling fixtures, sconces and lamps.


2. Victorian theme

This style is reminiscent of the 19th century, when lavish decoration for every area of the home was all the rage. The interiors of houses are extravagantly ornamented, decorated, furnished and accented. Victorian houses also go well with chandeliers, or pressed-glass fixtures. Crystal and frosted glass pieces are also great; for lamps, go for painted china lamp stands.


3. Old-world theme

Old world styles smack of comfort and a well-worn, broken in atmosphere. To recreate this, natural materials that have a distressed or matte finish are preferred to highly polished pieces.  your light fixtures should evoke feelings of age and antiquity. Suitable materials are vintage brass, copper, bronze, verdigris, or a rust-finish metal. Lampstands can even be made of a stone, such as marble, to blend beautifully with your desired look.


4. Minimalist theme

Rooms in this theme have streamlined, clean furnishings reduced to its necessary elements. Unnecessary bells and whistles give way to clean lines, geometric shapes and asymmetry. Simple fixtures should do the trick- think concealed lighting like recessed ceiling lights and track lights. For lamps, go with unadorned designs in geometric shapes and materials like wood, metal or ceramic.


5. High-tech theme

Think futuristic, synthetic and utilitarian. Lighting fixtures should be very obviously man made and in a very functional style. You could still use recessed lights for the ceilings or track/cable fixtures. Lamps in black-painted steel blend in beautifully.


6. Cottage or American style theme

This style suggests comfort, color, and coziness. Furniture is mostly wooden, and painted or decorated; woven baskets add texture, as do natural fiber rugs and window shades. Weathered finishes and flowery prints are its hallmark.

Glass fixtures or more subdued chandeliers work beautifully. Ginger jar, candlestick or rustic terracotta-based lampstands are very suitable.


7. Mexican/Tuscan theme

Such interiors mirror a rural, pastoral and sun-baked look. Crumbling red stone patios, wrought iron furniture, terracotta tiles and textured walls all contributing to creating the perfect Tuscan look.

Lighting fixtures should also be made in a matching wrought-iron material, spirited looking pottery or terracotta.

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