Kitchen cabinets are very much like a smile on one’s face. They are the first things that people notice when they walk into a kitchen. Cabinets are one of the few things you can customise in the kitchen and they also add value to the theme that your kitchen is aiming for. Regardless of whether you’re choosing cabinets for your new kitchen or revamping an old one, do keep these tips in mind.

1. Work with a professional

A professional cabinet design consultant can help answer your queries on your kitchen layout and additional space you may require for your bigger items. They may also be able to offer ideas that you might not have already thought of, and help you find the best solutions with your budget.

2. Theme & style

You might be going for a certain theme in your kitchen. Modern and chic, sleek and metallic or even country! Deciding on your theme early on can help eliminate any additional chores of looking through scores of color palettes. Once you’ve decided on your theme, consider the surrounding areas. If your kitchen opens up into the living room, you might want to make sure the color theme is complimentary to each other. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to identify with your own personal decorative style! You will be the one spending the most time in the kitchen, anyway!

3. Cabinet types

How much you cook is also quite important when choosing cabinets. If you do a lot of frying, oil splatters over time end up forming a sheen of oil on surrounding surfaces. If you are not an ardent cleaner, you might not want to go with cabinets that have very intricate details, porous surfaces or expensive finishes.

4. Strike a balance with both look and functionality!

Your cabinets might be outlandish and cool but they need to function as well too. Make sure to let your cabinet design consultant know where you plan to keep your frequently used items so that they can be arranged conveniently. The items that you don’t use everyday will require bigger cabinets in different parts of the kitchen to be stored out of the way.

5. Cabinet works

Compare the different types of cabinetry offered. It is important to consider the kind of joints, hardware and support structure they sport. The amount of wear and tear they’ll receive in your home is essential in deciding the right kind of cabinets too. Most cabinets are also not child friendly with their sharp edges and easily removable screws and hinges. Check with your cabinet consultant to put all these problems to rest.

6. Put down your credit card!

You don’t have to bring out the big bucks if you’re looking to revamp your old kitchen cabinets. With many DIY videos available on the net, it is easy to give your cabinets a new leash of life without burning a hole in your pocket. A bucket of the right wood stain could make your cabinets look brand new. Even new handles on them could give them an effortlessly updated look.

Cabinetry shopping might be a bit overwhelming but if you do your research and decide on a style early, you won’t have to make difficult decisions. Even if you’re just looking to revamp a few old cabinets, don’t fret! You won’t have to spend a bomb. All you need is some inspiration that you can easily find online and then an hour or two in a DIY shop. In less than a week, you’ll have “brand new” cabinets!