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Interior Tips – Home Flooring
14 Feb, 2018

One of the most significant elements in your house has to be your floor. Over the past few years, we have seen clients who do not mind indulging in some vivid floor plans in order to stand out in the crowd. Take inspirations from our designs for your future house.


1. Indie Love

This indie design is sure to make heads turn. Take notes new home owners.


2. Tile Kitchen Flooring

A great, low maintenance solution for a kitchen is Tile. There are many advantages of having tiles.
They’re easy to clean, durable and expands the presence of your kitchen.


3. Class Flooring

If you want to portray a very luxury and high quality flooring, then granite is the option for you. Class flooring comes at a price and you certainly get what you paid for when it comes to luxury interior design.


4. Carpet Flooring

There are endless array of colours, patterns and textures of carpet floors available in the market now a days. But carpet floor is not advisable to homes with kids or pets.


5. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are the easiest to care for. They only need weekly sweeping or regular vacuuming to keep them squeaky clean. They provide longevity – up to ten or twenty years.

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