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Importance of Scents in your Home
22 Nov, 2018

Did you know? The first sense we ever develop as a human is our sense of smell. With as many as six million odour detecting cells in our noses, it is the most sensitive of our senses. There are many minor details we can include in our house to make it a better home – firstly, it is by the scent our home. So why are scents important?

  1. It can positively affect your mood –
    As where the smell travels through our nose, is near the part of the brain responsible for analysing information about odours which is closely connected to the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories.Which is why, when we smell an odour we find pleasant, it can positively affect our mood. It doesn’t just stop there – studies have shown that people are calmer, more alert, and perform better at work when they are exposed to pleasant odours as compared to odour-free environment. You can take a whiff of Vanilla Beans and you can feel happier almost immediately already.

  2. It eliminates malicious odours –
    Own pets? Then you must know the odour that a pet gives out can sometimes be pretty nasty. Living near the sea? Then you should understand ‘the smell of the sea’.  These bad odours can sometimes make you feel that your own home is dirty and disgusting no matter how you clean it. However, you can use scents to eliminate these nasty odours. Some commonly used scents remove odours from home are Lemon, Jasmine and Lavender.

  3. It can also help with sinus congestion –
    Just like cough syrups and flu medicines, aromas that includes Menthol, Peppermint and Eucalyptus can also soothe sore throats and improve blockage. The moment it relieves your sinus congestion and you can smell the aroma of peppermint.

  4. It can help you sleep better –
    Working adults and students tend to be stressed over their work. When work accumulates, stress stacks up and can lead to insomnia. Scent researchers have found that scents like Lavender can help relax your mind and body which can effectively ease sleep problems and depressions. I mean, what’s better than a good night sleep after a hectic day?

  5. It can alleviate a migraine –
    You know when they say “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”? That can be true on many medical levels but especially as simple as just taking breaths of apple scents. Studies have actually shown that apple scents can reduce headaches and shorten migraine episodes. Honestly, nothing feels better than having great smells around you and relieving you from pain.

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