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Ideas for your TV-feature wall
19 Dec, 2018

Don’t know what to do for your TV feature wall? Here are a few ideas to help spruce up your house’s ambiance.

Credits to Design 4 Space.

Go for a simple brick or tiled wall that gives your house an unconventional rough and tough look.

Credits to MMJ Design Loft.

White never fails to turn futuristic and the lighting brings out the details of the feature wall. If you like such genres, go for it!

Credits to MMJ Design Loft.

If you like Muji style, this is the one. Make full use of your entire TV feature space into storage for unsightly wires, controllers and whatnot.

Credits to LCT Renovation.

A grandiose living room, made with wood and back lit lights. With the additional wall built in front of the actual wall, it makes the TV feature stand out more.

Credits to MMJ Design Loft

A funky use of colours help show your personality and a gentle demeanour.

Credits to Renozone.

To turn your white living room from being too ‘cold’ looking into a cosy room, use warm lights and back lights, making the room instantly emanate warmth.

Credits to Renozone.

Wood has always been soothing to the eyes, bringing sophistication and elegance in one swift motion.

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