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How To Create Feature Wall
11 Dec, 2017

The term “feature wall” made waves during the 1990s when a slew of home renovation TV shows started adding this decorative device to make-over homes week in and week out. Perhaps because of this overkill, the idea eventually fell out of favour — until recently. But this time, it’s all about using paint and texture tactically. See what a modern feature wall could do for one of your rooms.


1. Add a Hint of Pink

Pale neutrals already work well to add texture and depth to this pink-painted feature wall. But that gently glowing wall behind the bed is quite unexpected and really lifts the whole feel of the room, giving it a shot of edginess.

The lesson? Colours don’t have to be bold to be transformative.


2. Dare to go Yellow

The beauty of a feature wall is that it’s just that — you don’t have to commit to painting the entire room in your chosen shade. This feature wall in the living room, in acid yellow, could make for a rather startling entrance but used strategically like this — and surrounded by keep-it-real white paint — is more a striking artwork than an immersive installation.


3. Put Writings on the Wall

Not all paint is equal, and covering a wall with chalkboard paint turns it into something else entirely. This is a bold look for a dining room, where messy notes and drawings could clutter up one’s brain rather than helping us eat peacefully. But fill it with recipes or calming phrases and it could positively aid in relaxation.

Don’t be afraid to use wallpaper. So many people are hesitant to decorate with wallpaper because they don’t want to deal with eventually having to take it down, but there are plenty of peel and stick options that are easy to remove when the time comes.


4. Cozy up

Charcoal may be a dark shade, but it’s also soft and warm. This makes it perfect for adding depth and cosiness to a living room. In fact, the atmosphere-changing effect of adding this simple colour, that you can potentially achieve in a day, can be delightfully dramatic.


5. Define Your Space

Do use an accent wall to define a living space. In an open concept home (or in multi-use spaces) it can be tricky to define areas, but an accent wall can help. For instance, a feature wall to highlight the dining area in a living/dining space can help greatly.

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