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How to create a dust-free bedroom
22 Nov, 2018

The bedroom plays a key role in a home, allowing you to unwind and take a break after a hard day at work. However, dust accumulates easily due to the linen within the room. To prevent that disrupting your well needed rest, here are some tips to help you ensure that your bedroom is dust-free for you to catch up on a good night’s sleep.

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1. Wash your bed sheets regularly

While this may sound like a given task that should be conducted regularly, many may overlook the need to do it conscientiously. Due to the long hours we spend in our beds, dirt, especially in the form of our dead skin cells accumulates on our pillowcases and bed sheets easily. As such, it is recommended to have them washed weekly to get rid of all the accumulated dirt which apart from causing allergies is also a haven for the formation of bacteria and fungus as well as a serving as a cause of blackheads. Doing this regularly will also reduce the occurrence of dust mites. It is also recommended to use an allergen-proof cover to further eradicate the collection of dust on your bedding.

2. Keep your surroundings tidy

Once again sounding like a dead giveaway but this step is extremely important in reducing the amount of dust trapped in your bedroom. Store clothes that you do not wear regularly in garment bags or boxes to prevent unnecessary buildup of dust within your wardrobes as well. Ensure that the assorted things in your bedroom such as books, magazines, toys or even makeup products are occasionally cleaned thoroughly as well as dust would have settled around it over time.

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3. Refrain from carpets

Carpets often sound like a tempting idea due to their soft texture and pretty appearance. However in general, they are the main culprit for attracting dust mites and trapping dust! Therefore it should be vacuumed daily if possible and is generally not recommended for individuals with severe allergies. If you have carpets in your bedroom, then it is increasingly important to make sure that items are kept away from your floor or regularly cleaned to prevent the buildup of dust!

4. Install air purifiers

If you are generally extremely sensitive to dust, it is recommended for you to invest in an air purifier to filter out the dust in your room. However, you should not be complacent after installing the device and lapse in your cleaning routine. It is equally important to take all means possible to remove dust from your room manually as well as aside from the aid of the purifier. Additionally while air purifiers do help you manage the particles in the air, it does not help you get rid of dust mites which should be eradicated as well.

5. Use damp towels to wipe down surfaces

Rather than use feather dusters to get rid of dust in your room, consider using damp or microfibre cloths instead. These options would allow you to trap dust more easily rather than brush them up into the air just to settle into another place in the room. Remember to wipe down hidden unnoticeable areas as well as it is especially so at these unused areas where dust is most easily trapped.

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6. Keep your furry friends out

While this may be a hard fact to accept for some pet owners, in spite of all the temptations, it is not recommended to have pets sleep in the same bedroom as yourself. Pet hair and dander is the perfect combination to aggravate your allergies hence making them the last thing you would want to have on your bed! Instead, if you would still like to have your pet in close proximity, it is recommended to have a separate bed for them to sleep in and ensure that you vacuum or wash their beds regularly too! Aside, you may also want to bathe your pets regularly to get rid of dander as well.

7. Take note of the type of curtains used

It is common to install curtains in your bedrooms in an attempt to keep dust out, however, it is not recommended to have heavy draperies that collect dust and allergens instead. Alternatively you should opt for breathable, lightweight and washable fabrics that could easily be washed alongside your bedding to maximise the hygiene standards. Additionally, if you would opt for shades or blinds, choose those that can be easily washed and wiped down regularly as well! Keeping windows shut can also be an effective method to keep dust out too.

8. Beat cushions and rugs

If your room has cushions or rugs that are inconvenient to wash, an alternative would be to take the out and give them a good beating. Simply use a broom handle or purchase a carpet beater and give them a thorough beating until you stop seeing dust fly off of them. Remember to do this regularly as well as it takes no time for dust to accumulate on your items!


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