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How to Choose an Interior Designer
19 Jan, 2015

With so many professionals and companies out in the field, it’s quite a daunting task choosing which designer to trust your house with. Plush Home has put together a list of tips to help lessen your headache!


Do your homework
Ask around, hit up potential designer’s websites and do your research. To save yourself all the trouble, search ST Home’s wide database for which designers you’d prefer. Alternatively, you could ask friends whose rooms have been done admirably or inquire at spaces that are done in your taste.


One thing that is important to look out for in a designer is if their portfolio is up to date and commendable. Projects they have featured are testament to their experience and the testimonials collected – the quality of their workmanship. Sift through their portfolio and decide if their style can work for you or not.


Speaking of style, another important aspect you must look at when deciding between designers is if they have a signature. While interior designers should be flexible working with a wide array of styles, most normally have a signature style. Once you have your desired theme pegged down, deciding on a designer who matches your style will be much easier. By looking through their portfolio, you can, for example, determine if your designer is more versed with chic, modern themes or country and western themes.


It is important that your interior decorator understands and is willing to work around your lifestyle. The best designers aim to fit the style of the room to your dream and personality, not their own. A good interior designer also doesn’t promise miracle results.

Meeting your designer
When you meet your interior designer for your home renovation, the first few cards you’ll have to play at the table is, of course, the budget card. Let the designer know your budget and what you expect. While a good professional will bring his or her own ideas to the table, she should be willing to work to make your vision a reality. If the first designer you meet is adamant that you incorporate his sole idea into your space, go for a second option.


Describe your vision
Beforehand, you should have sourced and collected as many photos and images from the Internet, books and magazines. Decide on the colours, materials and patterns that you’ll want to see in the room and also what you’d hate to see in the rooms. This will help the decorator get his bearings on your vision and theme. Describing in detail is not really enough so try to get as many pictures or examples as you can.


Be flexible
If your designer tells you no, you’ve got to listen. If they say no, it can only be for a good reason. Their advice is tantamount to a doctor’s for they alone know what might be compromised should you, say, go ahead with breaking down a wall. Your interior designer is ultimately offering quality service and work so that you won’t get a nasty shock at the end. Product availability, contractor scheduling, and custom work are just a few aspects that can cause unavoidable delays in your project so be accommodating.

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