Are you still using the conventional window treatments like curtains and blinds to decorate your windows? Instead of these dust-gathering draperies, why not cover your windows with decorative window films?

A Window Film is a thin sheet of plastic with an adhesive to create a covering for windows. Window films offer not only different looks and styles, but also different functions. A common function of window films is to limit sunlight. Some styles offer a reflective coating, which helps to protect against UV Rays, prevent fading of interior furnishings, and keep cooling costs down by limiting heat.

Window films can be a stylish alternative to common window treatments and is offered in many elegant styles that will not only improve the look of your windows, but help retain your privacy.  Many window films are installed by professionals but there are also do-it-yourself types that are affordable and easy to install.

Choose a design that compliments the colors of your room. If you have a small room, use deco films instead of the traditional décor it will make your room appear bigger, warmer and more inviting. If you want a posh look for your windows, opt for centrepiece accents. They are ideal to update your boring windows. If you want simple and understated, try using border accents. Unlike centrepieces, border accents require trimming to achieve the look that you want. You can either paste it on your windows vertically or horizontally it depends on the style and the size of your windows.

There are a lot of ways to decorate your home and make your humble abode stand out from the rest. Decorating your window with deco films is just one option out of the many possibilities.