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19 Apr, 2015

These days, there are enough accessories in designs, snazzy or sleek to make your bathroom feel like more than just any old room in the house. The days of plain, practical, plastic bathroom accessories is gone with the wind. Here are the lushest pickings around.


Feel like a star in the shower
Ever wish you could listen to the radio in the shower (without blasting your boom box from your bathroom sink), tune in to the news or perhaps sing along to your favourite tunes? There are devices which aim to transform your shower time into a full-on audio extravaganza.

The SoundTile is one such contraption which, with its waterproof, coaxial speakers, marine certification and efficient water drainage system, promise to stream acoustics effortlessly into your shower haven. It can be controlled by any standalone home audio system, and its sleek 4 by 4 inch design reeks of sophistication.

The SoundTile is the product of the partnership between Kohler Co. and Polk Audio. Visit for more details.


Warm, fluffy towels
If you’re not content leaving your towels hanging to dry, you might be looking for a heated towel rail. These come in a variety of materials, like chrome or stainless steel and can also be used in the kitchen or to keep clothing warm and dry. Say goodbye to damp, smelly towels for good!


No more blurry vision
Mirrors employing the latest anti-fog technology offer permanent fog-free Vision, so you can have a totally unobscured view of your pretty mien.


Bathtime story
If you’ve ever wondered how to while away the time while soaking in the tub, a bathtub caddy may be the perfect bath time companion for you. The most basic ones fit across the width of your tub, and are plated with polished chrome, brass or stainless steel. They hold a myriad of items like reading racks (to support your bath time literature), mirrors, side trays for your glasses, jewelry and soaps, even candle or goblet holders!

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