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Feeling Bored With Your Home Already?
26 Feb, 2016

Home is where we like to unwind ourselves in with our loved ones and sometimes, friends when there are special occasions. Have you already feel bored with the same old same old when you step into your doorsteps, walk a little more steps into the entrance to your living room and see no special new touch to your television console, walls and etc?

Below are quick tips for enhancing the look of your so called ‘Home Sweet Home’:

1. Put More Artwork 
In the spacious living room, you may like to frame up a piece of art to enhance the look of your desire, the style of your interior feel. Just above your family sofa lies the frame of your family favourite. Nice!

2. Mix Design Styles
Have you seen homes with Victorian kitchen, modern living room and a banyan bedroom? Nowadays, it is rather common mixing design styles to suit to the owners’ taste. And why not if the colour of walls, furniture, wallpapers, decorations are not too extreme? Don’t be afraid to incorporate various design styles. One contemporary approach is mixing humble materials with more luxurious ones for instance, an antique gothic dining table made of dark wood with a simple white vase which you may purchase from Ikea.

3. Don’t Divide A Small Space 
You may like to wrap your bed with the same floral designs as on your walls in order to unify the tiny space. So your bedroom or study room doesn’t look like they are chopped visually.

4. Change Your Furnitures
New furniture bring new look to where you decorate them. It may not need to be expensive and fulfil your purpose. Ikea is one of the best place where you can purchase good, practical, stylish designed furniture and decorators.

There are so many ways to beautify a home if you take time to pause and dream. What do you like your home to be? Below are some of our Interior Designers Portfolios. Have a quick browse.

Trenadiz Interior Design:
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Ken Home Design
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If it’s time to renovate your home and give it a brand new look and feel, Why not get more ideas from Singapore’s best interior designers? Or you can simply submit your requirements on our website and request for free and no-obligation quotes.

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