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Featured Design Style: Industrial
28 Sep, 2018

When it comes to interior designing and home renovation, most new homeowners are blown away by the variety of design styles up for their selection. In this series of articles, ST Homes would be providing you an insight into assorted design styles along with their key features and characteristics. This installment of the series will be exploring the Industrial design style, providing a look into the different aspects of the unique and increasingly popular styling option.


First off, we will take a look at how Industrial design style approaches the flooring of a home to accentuate the rough and imperfect nature of the industrial feel. A common flooring type used in industrial homes would be polished concrete or cement screed which includes all cracks and stresses to mimic the result of harsh factory conditions. Aside, to add a contrasting effect or to segregate different areas and rooms, industrial homes can also choose to include hard wood or stone floors. Having a mixture of materials not only create a contrast but also adds a touch of warmth to the into the interior design style.


Scrap the stereotypical impression of walls when embarking on a industrial interior design project. Focusing on the bare boned and exposed nature of materials, industrial design homes usually feature walls and columns that are a combination of both bricks and concrete. Leaving it exposed, raw and rough you could also opt to have them painted to offer a more cleaner look without compromising the texture or add some plaster to it to soften out its effects.

Pipes, Beams and Ducts

Serving as a foundation to the structure, pipes and more are usually sought to be concealed in other interior design styles. However, the industrial design seeks to expose these elements and challenge design stereotypes by leaving air-conditioning ducts, electrical conduits, water pipes and more visible and even coated with a bright colour to make it stand out amongst the other features. Do take note however that while selecting the coating colours, do narrow down the palette to a few colours to prevent it from looking tacky.


While selecting the colours for your industrial designed home, warm and neutral tones as well as earthy shades are a go-to option. For cabinets and other furniture, shades of grey are also known to be a complementing colour suitable for creating a cohesive look. Additionally, black can be used for certain structures and fixtures to make them stand out while pipes could either be painted a bright colour or silver.


In the search for furniture and accessories for an industrial styled home, it is important to complement the rough and tarnished structure to create a cohesive environment. In order to prevent the exposed structural elements from looking too overwhelming, it is recommended to include plush couches as well as cushions and soft rugs to provide a balance to the style. Stark coloured fabrics such as whites or greys also stand out in such a style and add a touch of modernity. In terms of different parts of the home, a variety of materials could also be incorporated to further bring out the industrial style. In the kitchen, for both appliances and fittings, stainless steel is a brilliant option to continue the industrial theme. To switch things up a bit, you can consider adding timber cabinets and countertops or even having a copper sink to add a different colour to the space. Steel and timber also make great dining table and chair options. Similar materials can be applied in the bathroom as well however instead of stainless steel, you may opt for traditional porcelain with rectangular herringbone tiles to complete the look.


To provide focused lighting, floor lamps and pendants can be widely used in an industrial design space. Alternatively, track lights are a great option to provide ambient lighting as well.


We hope that the above introduction gives you an insight into what an industrial interior design entails and whether it is a suitable decision for you. If you are still unsure if its the right choice for you, feel free to seek the opinion of industry professionals. At ST Homes, an interior design portal, we provide a comprehensive list of top interior designers in Singapore to meet all your home renovation needs. Simply submit a renovation request here and receive a quotation for free with no frills attached. Achieving an ideal industrial look is easy with the help of ST Homes today!

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