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Family of 4 in a Shoebox
02 Nov, 2018

Impossible? You are probably right. But as the world has it, think out of the box (catch the pun there?). Shoebox or studio apartments tend to range between 400 sq ft to 700 sq ft. And it is not meant for a growing family.

Now, how do we fit a family of 4 (Mum, Dad, 2 Kids- 6 and 10 years old) in 500 sq ft home? Renovating with one main factor to show the feasibility is maintaining privacy for each of them, be it their personal treasures and what not.


  • Living/ Dining Room

Due to limited space, it is important to maximise while not cluttering the already tiny space. To create space, get sofas with storage spaces below to keep items out of sight such as toolboxes or luggage for travelling. As seen in picture, stools, extra tables and pillows are hidden under the sofa and coffee table, thus saving space.

Extendable dining table accommodate your guests when needed or folded  into half its size on other days.

  • Bedroom

Following the floor plan, there is only 1 bedroom in the house. Assuming the children are to have their own beds, bunk beds are the way! Look out for these features, steps with storage leading to the bed,  pull-out bed option and extra space to include a study  thus creating more storage space.

If you have the luxury of a higher ceiling, a loft can be created, making private space for the parents.

  • Wardrobe

For wardrobe space within the room,  use shelves and bars for hanging clothes. Hanging your clothes creates more space compared to folded clothes. It allows you to find your favorite shirt easily and keep it tidy with less creases.

Replace wardrobe doors with curtains as closet doors,  1. may take up space unless it is a sliding door, and 2. Not give you a bird’s eye view what and where your items are.

  • Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most easily cluttered area. Use an electric stoves instead of the gas type. Electric stoves are generally safer as it sits flat on the stove instead of the jaggered stand of a gas stove. It also free up space for the gas tank, if you are not using pipe-in gas. Ideally, stoves that are built on top of the oven, freeing up more space for kitchenware.

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