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Engaging A Flooring Contractor or Company in Singapore?
17 Mar, 2016

Looking for a flooring contractor or renovation company for your Singapore home? Do you know what is the flooring type you need?

The floor is a notable feature of the house in that it influences its overall design and outlook. It is therefore not surprising that many homeowners in Singapore spend a considerable amount of time and effort just to create the perfect floor. Ironically, despite having a clear image of the type of flooring he or she wants, many homeowners may still end up with normal looking surfaces. One of the reasons for this is because the property owner may lack basic skills on how to go about installing the perfect flooring. For example, how to enlist the services of a competent flooring contractor. At times, an individual might be overwhelmed by the various flooring options available, and might not know what type of flooring between laminates, glass floor, vinyl, cork, tiles or concrete floor, would be suitable. If you find flooring tasks daunting or if you wish to learn more about it, then read on, as this article details all you need to know about Flooring.


Flooring types come in varied shapes, colours and sizes to suit different home owner’s tastes and preferences. These options differ regarding the final outlook that they create as well as in their mode of installation. The bottom line, however, is that if a person installs them correctly, it results in polished and aesthetically appealing floors. The most common flooring solutions include the following:

1. Vinyl Flooring:
Vinyl floors are hygienic and require little maintenance. Furthermore, they are highly resilient and resistant to scratching and scathes. Even though they were a common feature in hospitals and supermarkets, they are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their likable traits. The vinyl floors come in a variety of mosaic and floral patterns in the form of sheets or tiles guaranteed to give the home that lush feel.

2. Solid Timber or Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors are surfaces made from wood and wood byproducts such as pine, oak, walnut, maple and wood veneer. Timber floors create a warm and idyllic feel. Their downside, however, is that natural wood damages quickly and might not be the ideal option for a home with pets and young kids. Moreover, besides regular maintenance, they require finishes to result in a long-lasting and attractive look. Some of the finishes include water-based finishes, oil based, acid cured, moisture cured, wax finishes, acrylic impregnated and UV cured floor finishes.

3. Engineered Flooring
Even though Engineered floors resemble the solid wood flooring, they differ significantly. The engineered floors consist of multiple plies of wood fused together under high heat and pressure to create a versatile composite material that is more stable and lasts longer than solid wood. It also offers better resistance to temperature changes, rippling, buckling and daily wear and tear.

4. Laminate Flooring
Laminate floors are a darling among homeowners due to their superior qualities. For starters, they look like the wooden flooring, without the challenges associated with the solid wooden flooring. What makes the laminate floors dominant is its four layer construction that consists of a surface Wear layer, a photographic Design layer, a plastic resin Inner core layer, and the Backing layer. The four layer construction makes the floor elegant, affordable and durable.

5. Tile Flooring
When it comes to tiles, a homeowner will be spoilt for choice as they come in many variations. The common types are the Travertine, Homogeneous ceramic and the Porcelain tiles. Among these, the Homogeneous ceramic tiles prove quite popular. The tiles offer a durable, glossy surface that is not only attractive but easy to clean. They are an ideal solution for indoors and outdoor surfaces that need waterproofing.

6. Stone Flooring
lt is a type of flooring that uses a variety of natural rock, excavated from quarries, and then shaped to make them suitable for flooring purposes. The common types of stones used for flooring include granite, slate, limestone, and marble. Stone floors are extremely durable, and they improve in appearance with time However, they are quite labor intensive, costly and require regular sealing from time to time

7. Concrete Flooring
lt is arguably one of the most notable features of Singaporean homes. Probably due to the low costs involved, ease of installing and its versatility. A homeowner can colour and stain the concrete to suit his or her hue preference. It is also possible to actuate designs with decorative finishes that resemble other flooring types like the tile, stone, marble or even slate. The best part is that maintenance of the concrete floors is relatively easy and does not even require waxing.

Settling for a particular kind of carpet can be a challenge to most people. Fortunately, several pointers can lead a person to identify the perfect flooring solution for his or her home.

1. The room where to install the flooring
Certain flooring types are suitable for particular kinds of surfaces. Consider the amount of traffic as well as the frequency of using the room. For instance, tile flooring would be perfect for waterproofing surfaces, like the bathroom. Wooden flooring, on the other hand, would suffice for the bedroom while laminate and vinyl would serve best in the basement and kitchen respectively.

2. Health and allergy factors
If you or someone in your home suffers from dust allergies, it is best to avoid flooring that aggravates the allergic condition. In such an instance water resistant type of flooring like vinyl and tiles would be the prudent choice as a person can clean them using a mop or damp cloth.

3. Ease of cleaning and maintenance
Different flooring types require varied cleaning and maintenance solutions. Some like the wooden floors, ceramic tiles, and vinyl are cleanable with a wet cloth or mop. Carpeted floors would require the use of vacuuming machines, and at times harsh chemicals. Chemicals, however, might deface marble surfaces. It is important to go for the floor type that complements your lifestyle and whose cleaning you can comfortably handle.

4. Your budget
Evidently the cost of flooring solutions varies depending on the kind of flooring choice. For instance, hardwood flooring prices can differ based on the type of timber used Similarly, the cost of ceramic tile flooring might overshadow that of locally sourced marble if the homeowner opts to import the Ceramic tiles from overseas. Secondly besides buying the flooring materials, there is also the installation costs involved. Whatever flooring option a person settles for, it is prudent to go for one that within their means. Researching and consulting with a reputable flooring technician can help to identify the appropriate solution for your home floor.

Engaging the Flooring Contractor

Enlisting the services of a flooring contractor is relatively easy especially if you know the various flooring options that exist, and you have considered the above four factors. It is critical that you identify an efficient and reliable flooring contractor. Ask the potential service provider for references from past or present customers to ascertain the reputation of the contractor, and short list those with remarkable referrals. Select two or three of those technicians and schedule individual meets to discuss further your flooring needs. Having a preset list of questions would be a novel idea. The interview experience offers the best platform to identify the suitable contractor who fits into your budget and can handle the flooring exercise. Request FREE quotes from recommended flooring contractor on our website.


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