Basic info about the project:

– Apartment or landed property? Landed
– Size 5500 Sq. Ft.
– Composition (number of rooms, bathrooms, patio/balcony etc.) 5 bedrooms
– Residents (no. of pax, children/without children, profession etc.) owner is a bachelorette who will be staying with her parents, nieces and nephews.
– Type of neighbourhood cluster housing nestled in the Dunsfold Braddell area where it’s mostly landed houses



  1. Client’s brief: To achieve elegant luxurious ‘modern French’ entertainment space for the first storey where they can entertain guests. Bedrooms must be functional for kids, parents and owners of the house.
  2. Client’s requests: To have an entertainment space so nice that guests would want to linger, a bright lively and functional children’s room, enhance space and provide storage, small work table, dressing table with lots of shelving for her cosmetics, TV for the small master bedroom on the top floor.
  3. Entertainment area: The entertainment space has a consistent design treatment that flow through the dining sitting area- the white spray painted beading works on the walls and the white spray painted screen that serves as a nice backdrop for the 2 accent classic arm chairs. Practically, items incorporated into this space serves not only as a nice piece of furniture but also provide additional sitting/counter top space for food and drinks. For example, the upholstered chesterfield coffee table doubles up as additional sitting when the owner entertains. The dry kitchen opens up to the dining and living and its counter top comes in handy as a buffet table. The console butting the back of the 3-seater sofa acts as a sideboard for the 8-seater dining when the owner entertains.
  4. Design concept behind the colour theme: Design concept is a classic black and white palette punctuated with tangerine hues.
  5. Challenges of this project: Fitting in all of client’s requests into the master bedroom with its low chamfered attic ceiling.
  6. Details about each room:
  • Master bedroom- instead of following the conventional layout of having bed parked against the wall facing the entrance/doorway, we have created an island bed in the middle of the room with more privacy. In doing so, we created a nice foyer space and a functional study between the bed head and the entrance. The long wall that was originally meant for the bed head is now used as a TV wall facing the island bed. Dressing table was cleverly parked under the low chamfered ceiling next to the wardrobe since lower headroom is best for a sitting area.
  • Bathroom with bathtub – attached to the master bedroom

– Guest room for older parents comes in a warmer palette of beige and browns. Complete with a tall fabric upholstered bed headboard with a tall bookshelf and study table on the opposite side.

– Bathroom with shower stall – children’s or guest bathroom

– Living area close attention to details with the white spray painted mouldings on the dining wall that serves as a nice modern French backdrop for the classic dining setting and mdf board partition to block off the stairs/balustrades.

– Kid’s room maximises the floor play area in the centre of the room by parking the 2 single bed and study table near the bay window. A ‘cheezy’ see through unit for story books and toys doubles up as a bed head for the bed and screens off the bed from the doorway.




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