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Disadvantages of ceiling fans
16 Oct, 2018

When it comes to keeping a home cool with fans, there are many options in the market ranging from standing fans to wall fans and ceiling fans. Each with their own benefits and disadvantages, it may be hard to decide the best option to suit your home needs under Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Following the first part of this article last week, ST Homes will be addressing the disadvantages of ceiling fans in homes in this installment. If you are considering installing a ceiling fan in your home, make sure to continue reading! 

1. Ceiling fans do not provide much light

However, despite providing an alternative light fixture, it is noteworthy that the lights are usually extremely bright and could not offer adequate task lighting. As such, while it is a feasible option, it can only contribute enough as a basic ambient light and should be supplemented by additional fixtures in order to make the room fully lit.

2. Ceiling fans can be hard to clean or maintain

As compared to wall or standing fans in which their grills and blades can be easily removed for cleaning, you cannot do the same for ceiling fans. Located on your ceilings, they can be hard to reach when cleaning and require you to strain your neck just to get the job done. However maintenance can still be done by using a vacuum cleaner or magnetic duster designed just for this intended purpose. Additionally, if it doubles up as a light fixture and the bulb blows, replacing the bulb can be quite tedious as well!

3. Ceiling fans can be noisy

Overtime, due to wear and tear, ceiling fans can get their weight shifted, blades moved slightly and screws might loosen or lose its grease. As a result, the once quiet whirr that the fans produce might turn into a slightly louder motor sound that might become a distraction in a quiet environment. Therefore it is important to upkeep ceiling fan maintenance or be aware of the possibility of noise over prolonged periods of time.

4. Ceiling fans can be dangerous

It is important to consider the height of your family members and those that are visiting to prevent any accidents from happening. For low-ceilinged rooms, people over six feet tall are at risk of hitting their heads on these fans. So do take note of the height of your ceiling and take into account whether it is a wise decision to have a ceiling fan installed.


We hope this 2-part article can help you better decide whether a ceiling fan is the best option for your home. If you are in looking for other home renovation tips and tricks, be sure to head to out interior design portal at ST Homes. With a comprehensive list of top interior designers in Singapore, we will be able to cater to your renovation needs in just a few easy steps.  Simply submit a renovation request here and have interior design companies get in touch with you shortly! Creating and designing your dream home has never been easier.

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