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Disadvantages of an Open Concept Kitchen
07 Aug, 2018

After getting to know the perks of installing an open concept kitchen in the first part of this article, in the second part of this article, we will dive deep into the ugly and grimy side of this interior decision. Before you are entirely sold on the idea of having an open concept kitchen, here are a few things to mentally prepare yourself for to fully accept in order to come to terms with this choice.

1. Inability to contain oil and smells

This disadvantage is especially applicable to the cooking methods of Chinese cuisine which may involve a lot of high heat and frying. Without the added partition, oil, grease and the aromas of cooking may wander into places within your home which you would not want it to. Therefore if your open concept kitchen is right beside the living room, do put in a larger consideration towards the type of material you select for your living room furniture. It is recommended to purchase items that are waterproof or easily cleaned in case any grease builds up on it. You may also want to invest in an automated air freshener to keep your home rejuvenated periodically.

2. You cannot hide your mess

Ever felt lazy and wanted to simply leave your dishes in the sink overnight to deal with them the next day instead? If you had the luxury to hide your unsightly dirty dishes in your kitchen sink, it might no longer be as inconspicuous as you are hoping them to be with this new open concept kitchen. All your messy kitchen countertops would be in full view from the living space including all the pots and pans you have used in your latest cooking extravaganza. This risks making the area look unsightly and leaving guests unimpressed as well which is something you would definitely not want when you are having them over.

3. Costly design

With the swanky designs and top-tier appearance comes a large price tag as well. Transforming your kitchen into one with an open concept involves a relatively large scale overhaul that may not just involve your kitchen at the end of the day. Aside from replacing some cabinets and shifting appliances around, a conversion to an open concept kitchen involves much more. The fact that it creates one large space connecting the kitchen to the living space means that it is important to have the entire space have a cohesive style. Therefore before you go head-on to hack that additional partition down, make sure you do your calculations proper and have a good estimate on how far your budget can take you. Just be prepared to splurge just a bit for this!


We hope that these information would go a long way in helping you decide if you would like an open concept kitchen for yourself! If you have an open concept kitchen in your books for your home renovation plans but do not know where to start, ST Homes is here to help. An interior design portal with a comprehensive list of top interior designers in Singapore, we provide just the right professionals to help you achieve your dream interior designs. Simply submit a renovation request here and have your renovation needs met in a blink of an eye.

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