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Differences Between Hiring an Interior Designer and Contractor
06 Sep, 2016

Do you know the differences between an interior designer and contractor? And who should you engage for your home or commercial renovation in Singapore? Below are some references.

In an industry that bridges both DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION closely, it can be hard for many to decide who they should hire for their renovation works. With cost being the main distinction between both, choosing a cheaper option may not be for everyone — as not everybody is as articulate in conveying their ideas directly to build.

ID Firm: Pte Ltd | Location: Ang Mo Kio



An individual/organisation who has met the Board’s requirement and licensed to conduct renovation. 

Charging by cost price, they tend to be a lot cheaper as their services do not include any miscellaneous design/project management fees — owners are required to produce finalised designs/ideas on what works are to be carried out which contractors would follow suit.
ID Firm: I Make Carpentry



As it goes with the name, they are individuals/organisations who are equipped with the knowledge and experience to translate your ideas/concept into a workable/feasible designs. No longer just finalising ideas into concrete plans and visuals, most have undertaken the roll of project management and liaison with subs-contractors for the provision of an all-rounded service — easing the roles of their clients.
ID Firm: Trenadiz Interior Design


If you’re generally a hands-on/DIY individual — or even a little bit artsy — with a wide connection to professionals from the renovation trade, engaging a contractor should be no problem. You’ll be able to draw up conclusive designs (or hire freelancers to churn out drawings) on how your renovations should look, and only be informed of the structural limitations — if your ideas get too “crazy”. 

Things to note — you’ll need to liaise with a series of different contractors to get all your works done — hence it is crucial that you’re comfortable and capable in scheduling the different installations to be done up for your home. 

So head down to your nearest library and pick up a book on the basics of interior renovation to get a sense on the different stages of construction. It will give you a clear guide on how to schedule the different works most effectively and efficiently — preventing any case of mishap where one installation affects the either ( e.g. flooring should go on before carpentry).

For individuals renovating their HDB/BTO, your contractor has to be HDB-Registered. They will be required to obtain the relevant permits to commence any renovation for your home. Failure to obtain the permit will result in the works being unauthorised and HDB would be entitled to have you to reinstate your premise to its original condition.

ID Firm: Renozone Interior Design


If you’re a busy individual or seem clueless in conveying/visioning any interior for your home, it’ll be best that you engage an Interior Designer. They’ll be able to translate any idea of yours for construction while saving you the hassle in managing the works to be done. Although an extra cost, it’ll be well worth the money for the time saved and assurance of works done up properly. 

Things to note — with a large number of capable IDs offering competitive rates and packages, it’s essential that you scout around for the best quality and deal. 

Recommendations from family and friends are a great way to start searching for reliable firms as they’ll be able to  tell you their firsthand experience with their service — and even get a better rate for your required works.

Another medium for sourcing reliable IDs is through Online Renovation Platforms (such as ourselves – ST Homes) — all you need to do is submit your required renovation details and they’ll  hook you up with their different IDs on hand, most suited in meeting your budget and renovation needs. 

Once you’ve shortlisted the potential few, send an enquiry and make a trip down to their showroom to get a gauge on how the company looks and the quality of their furnishing. 

If they’re lacking a showroom, ask if its possible for you to view any ongoing on-site projects — i’m sure many would make the arrangements to clinch your deal. 

ID Firm: AC Vision Design Pte Ltd | 27 Pasir Ris Grandeur

So before deciding to pick a Contractor or ID to carry out your home’s renovation works, these are factors you can consider before making the suited choice —it’s just a matter of cost or convenience that’ll influence your decision on who to pick. 

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