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Decorate Your Room with Area Rugs
18 Apr, 2019

Apart from clearing dust from our legs, area rugs are great for decorating homes. With a dash of creativity, they can dress up your house immediately. How is this possible? You ask. Well, by purchasing the right rugs and using them properly. Here are some tips that you can easily follow.

  • Demarcate
    areas in your house

Use a rug to define seating and dining areas. You can take the
aesthetic enhancement to a different level by placing chairs, tables, and other
furniture on top. A rug is a great home addition, especially if you want to
demarcate areas in style.

  • Get
    the right size of rug

Don’t neglect size when shopping for a rug and go for something that
will complement the room or area where it will be placed. That being said, it
shouldn’t be too large or too small. As a general rule, go for one that leaves
out a couple of centimetres on the floor. This way, your rug can perfectly
match existing floorings or tiles. 

  • Match
    the existing colour of the interior

Choose something that can complement the dominant colour of your
interior or flooring. For example, if your house’s common colour is grey, the
rug should have grey in it so that it can easily complement existing ambience
and/or furniture.

  • Make
    the house or home updated

Rugs bring different styles to a room by changing their colours, sizes, and shapes,
among others. In short, by being creative with the said aspects and breaking
the monotony that normal colour schemes bring, you can spice up any
ordinary-looking room.

  • Avoid
    extensive patterns

While decorating your house, try to avoid extensive patterns. Having
too detailed patterns is a big “no-no” since it can make the interior look
intimidating. Remember, even though they are a good thing, too much patterns
may deliver unwanted results.

Bear in mind that when it comes to patterns, it all boils down to
complementing and coordinating. So, go for decent decorations since this
creates more harmony.

  • Consider
    the type of rug

The type of rug also matters. For example, when the room is small, a
striped rug is recommended since it can make an area look wider. Also, a shag
rug is ideal if you want to add comfort and luxury to a living room. With this,
you may not want to leave the said area again.

Summing up

Rugs in the house play a key role in interior design and enhanced functionality. On top of these,
they inject a sense of luxury and comfort of a relaxing ambience. Simply put,
rugs are worthwhile investments that can turn any mundane room into a unique
one; all without breaking the bank.

Article and images contributed by Edited by ST Homes.

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