Have a whole house of possessions and furniture like beds, desks, books and all the clutter accumulated through your life, but only have a tiny space to put them all in? Then you have lived in the perfect day and age! Nowadays, the furnishings market is increasing in brilliant compact furniture designs and storage solutions that take advantage of every inch of available space, maximising your house area to the fullest! These effective sets of furniture , organisational ideas and other small-space solutions makes it an ease to fit lots of functions into tiny houses, studio apartments, lofts and other small spaces.

Below are just some examples of the many solutions available that can help you organize your house into the most efficient living area you’ll need!



Kids require a lot of space for play, and sometimes even study! This concept is perfect for pre-schoolers to primary school students, where there is an abundance of shelves to store toys and books. However, looking closer, you will realise that the coloured gaps in between the shelves can actually be pulled out to form two table and 4 chairs! The gaps are the perfect stow away place to create more space for child’s play, and with a little bit of effort, the room can be transformed into a colourful study room, or a place where the kids can do their colouring, or even pretend to have a picnic.


Dining Room

Don’t eat home often? But feel the need for a dining table for times when your friends come over? Then this creative design is just for you! When this clever table is not in use, it looks like an ordinary mirror surrounded by a wooden frame hanging on the wall. But in a few steps, it transforms into a fold-away table with legs that snaps into place to support the table when you need it. Add a few chairs and you’ve got yourself a dining table!


Lounge Area

If you have a small balcony to spare but do not want to spend much effort cleaning the area or worrying that the rain will spoil the outdoor furniture, then these two designs of compact furniture are just what you need. Both have the similar concept of the seats being hidden away when not in use so that the furniture looks just like a simple uncluttered structure. But when pulled away, reveals 4 seats and a table for a simple chit-chatting session with friends drinking by the balcony, overlooking Singapore’s bustling city lights.



These stairs could be the most space-saving stairs of all time, using just a central pole and spiralling steps to fit a staircase into an unbelievably tight corner, making it a great alternative to a loft ladder. Enabling you to ascend and descend with much ease, especially when your hands are full with carrying laundry or other items. However this is not very suitable for a house with young children but adds a touch of colour and design to an otherwise mundane looking city house.



If you only cook occasionally and do not really need the functions or area of a full-scale kitchen, then this compact kitchen will come in handy, where an entire kitchen is being fit into a piece of furniture roughly the same size as a bedroom dresser. This design is also pretty sleek and minimalist as well. The compact kitchen unit looks like a desk when not in use, but the lid flips up to reveal a sink and two burners. With a drawer-style microwave underneath, a small fridge and even a tiny dishwasher. Definitely more than what you’re bargaining for if you’re living alone or with a partner and usually eat out.


Guest Room

Want to hold an occasional sleepover at your place or to host some guests but do not have an extra room in your house to use as the guest room? With a design that seems to have been inspired by Transformers, you can convert your living room into a guest room with just a swing. Instantly converting your living room sofa into a bunk bed for two. Perfect for kids or just a couple of guests.