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Cutting Edge Space Saving Concept Designs – Part 1
29 Dec, 2014

As urban housing prices are rising, getting a big house is becoming excessive expensive. Hence, maximising the use of limited space is essential for many people living in dense urban areas like Singapore. But living efficiently doesn’t always have to compromise beauty and style. Space saving furnishings are multi-purpose or folds out of the way when not needed to free up space for everyday living. Each multi-functional piece easily transforms into numerous presentations within seconds.


These space-saving concepts, not only allow your house to look uncluttered and spacious during the day, becomes fully functional at night, or just whenever you want it, sometimes without as much effort as lifting a finger.

Despite living in a small apartment, there are many ways that you can adapt the space you have to store the many things that you own! And below are just some examples of furnishings that the market provides for different parts of your house.


Living Room/Dining Room

Don’t have enough area for a living room and a dining room? And you can’t do without either? Fret not! Now you won’t have to choose between them with a small coffee table design that effortlessly expands into a full-sized dinner table. All you need to do is pull out a few panels, add a few chairs, and there is no need for the purchase of a separate dining table saving on space in the living area.



If you only have a small corner of the house for your kitchen, this Circle Kitchen shows that you can have everything you need just packed into a tiny area! This compact kitchen design features electric burners, a fridge, a sink and even a dishwasher, as well as shelves, cabinets and a counter space. You can even fit a standard size microwave oven into the upper cabinets. Making full use of a tiny space, while looking like a quaint coffee maker at the same time!



Living in house with a staircase and you feel like the whole structure is such a big waste of space? Here’s a brilliant way to increase storage space in your house! Usually, the space beneath a set of stair is just left empty, or covered up, by why should it be? Convert it to different levels of drawers and shelves. Creating plenty of places to store your personal items, books and knick knacks! Now you won’t have to scour your house for batteries or a torchlight ever again.



Never imagined that a couple of beds, a closet, steps, storage space and a full size desk with a chair could fit into a 8×8 foot space? Lofted bedroom interiors are brilliantly varied and are great space-saving solutions for cramped bedrooms, ideal for a teen or child bedroom, taking advantage of vertical space to fit everything kids need into standard bedrooms as small as 12×12.

For the master bedroom, since the bed is usually only needed at night, it can be stowed away in the day to reveal a sofa. A very cool design that is very smart as it turns a shelf on the wall into the legs of the bed without needing to move the objects from the shelf. Invisible hydraulic mechanisms allow each piece to flow seamlessly from one position to another in only seconds, even those weighing in excess of 400 pounds.



Showers are definitely necessary, but for something used at most once or twice a day, they do take up an awful lot of space. This bathroom design eliminates this problem using folding glass enclosures that can swing inward, giving you a lot more room to move around, making the toilet seem more spacious. You can even mount a mirror on one side of the shower stall so that it transforms into a changing space when the water isn’t running!

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