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Crazy Rich Asians Inspirations
24 Sep, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians Inspirations

Crazy Rich Asians, what a great movie, well played by amazing actors and actresses. While most would say this movie created and showed diversity, I could not help but notice how detailed the furnishings were and thus this  article. Capturing the stark characteristics by the 2 different monetary backgrounds. 

If you want to live in a Crazy Rich Asian house, this is the article for you!

As seen in the movie, there was a drastic difference in the houses that Nick Young (played by Henry Golding) and PeikLin (played by Awkwafina) lived in. It can be easily identified as houses from ‘New Money’ and ‘Old Money’.

New Money Interior Designs→ Inspired by European royalty


Chandelier from Finn Avenue.

Chandeliers are often seen in movies depicting royalties. The many crystals on the chandelier sometimes let people know how rich you are.


Sofa/ Living Room

Plush Sofa from Davinci Lifestyle.

More often than not, the furniture is heavily inspired by the European palaces. For one, in the movie, it is stated that PeikLin’s house is heavily inspired by the Versailles Palace.


Dining Room

Victorian-styled Dining Set from DeStyle Victorien.

Live like royalty, eat like royalty. That is how the dining room will look like, a place fit for a king to eat.



Gold Tray Mirror and Marble Top Gold Coffee Table from Finn Avenue.

Gold accents are very popular among the New Money, after all gold is the international symbol for being rich.



Victorian-styled Bed from DeStyle Victorien.

Want to sleep like royalty? Get plush, white and thick beds, they are commonly used to signify how comfortably the rich sleep.



Rose Deluxe Bathtub from Singapore Bathtubs.

I think this bathtub will even make the Queen jealous! Look at its fine details, the vibrant rose and the stunning gold.

Old Money Interior Designs→ Heavily inspired by colonial times.


Victorian Floor Lamp from Nook & Cranny.

Colonial typed houses use  warm white lights as it creates a warm vibe to the house. In addition to the lights, allow natural light to shine through the house, making the house more very spacious looking and very luxe.

Sofa/ Living Room

Large Curve Sofa from OM Home.

Large plushy sofas are the go-to, as family is very important to the Old Money, a common area with a large sofa is needed to sit the whole family comfortably.

Dining Room

Colonial-styled Dining Table and Anglo-Indian Chair from Past Perfect

Tables and chairs are often inherited, and comes from colonial times. To get that antique feel or luxe, go for wooden tables and chairs with intricate designs.


Colonial-styled Bench from Past Perfect and Gold-accented Table Lamp from Castlery

Bench for the house’s entryway, so guests can sit when they are wearing their shoes or table lamps to give the house a warm light feel.



4-poster Bed from Past Perfect
4-poster beds were very common during colonial types among the rich. It is common for people of Old Money to have such beds.



Built-in Macbeth Bathtub from Singapore Bathtubs

Aaahh…this bathtub seems as though it’ll make me step out of the bathroom as beautifully as Pierre Png in the movie.

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