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Tips on Soundproofing your Apartment
29 Mar, 2019

Is noise keeping you awake or even driving you and your loved ones crazy?

To address the said matter, you can hire a professional interior designer to provide minor or major tweaks. However, if this is not an option due to budget constraints, you can also do-it-yourself (DIY).

Obstruct noise with doors

The biggest entry of sound in most residential is the doorway. That being said, if you want to achieve effective as well as efficient soundproofing, it’s best to start here. Obviously, solid-core doors are pricey, but don’t despair. That’s because you can opt for hollow-core or other cheaper doors that are specifically designed for blocking unwanted noise. Alternatively, you can install weatherstripping accessories to address this.

Use acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are other budget-friendly options that you can turn to for soundproofing. For DIY, use big (photo) frames and replace ‘photo’ with thick unused blankets, make as many you need to cover the wall. Just line them to your walls from top to bottom. By doing so, you can deaden the sound that may enter your property. The good thing about these accessories is that they come in various sizes and colors. With these in mind, you can achieve soundproofing without compromising aesthetics. In turn, you can be rest assured that you can enjoy a quiet apartment ambience and improve interior design in the process.

Invest in bookshelves

Books are more than just for gathering knowledge and dust (pun intended). Kidding aside, they can help soundproof your wall, especially if you share a wall with your neighbour. Larger bookcases are better since less sound gets through. So, gather up your books and place them on your shelf.

Hang curtains and tapestries

If you have limited space and can’t accommodate bookshelves and other pieces of furniture, curtains and tapestries are worthwhile alternatives. These soft, thick, and woven fabrics can be placed on your wall or windows to dampen noise and even excess sunlight. Opt for floor-to-ceiling versions to heighten efficacy. In addition to these benefits, they inject a sense of, say, zen to an ordinary room.

Go for window seal kits

Much like doors, windows are other entry ways of noise. That being said, if you have some funds, you can utilize affordable window seal kits that work by creating a dead space by means of another layer of glass. Other worthwhile options include window plugs that work by filling a frame with specialized foams to prevent unwanted sound from entering. If you want to use your windows during the day and allow natural lighting to come in, opt for removable plugs.

Summing up

These are only some of the most practical means of soundproofing since they deliver the said advantage in an effective and efficient manner without breaking the bank. So invest in them if you want to achieve restful sleeps and/or a quiet atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones.

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